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Coast Guard Air Stations
USCG Mark.jpg
Racing Stripe
Country United States
Branch United States Coast Guard
Type Air Station
Role To provide aviation missions and support

A Coast Guard Air Station provides aviation support for the United States Coast Guard. The Coast Guard operates approximately 210 aircraft from 24 Coast Guard Air Stations in the United States. Fixed-wing aircraft, such as the HC 130 Hercules built for long range missions operate from air stations. Helicopters HH-65 Dolphin, Sikorsky HH-60 Jayhawk and Agusta MH-68 Stingray also operate from Air Stations, Air Facilities and on the flight deck of cutters.


Early Air Stations

First District

Fifth District

Seventh District

Eighth District

  • CGAS Houston, Texas
  • CGAS Corpus Christi, Texas
  • CGAS New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Coast Guard Aviation Training Center, Mobile, Alabama: This is both an operational and a training air station. Besides performing operational missions, Coast Guard Aviators (pilots) receive flight training on the HH-65, HH-60, and HU-25 aircraft.

Ninth District

Eleventh District

Thirteenth District

Fourteenth District

Seventeenth District



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