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1896 United States 1900
United States House of Representatives elections, 1898
All 357 seats to the United States House of Representatives
Majority party Minority party
HendersonDavidB.jpg James Hay.jpg
Leader David Henderson James Hay
Party Republican Democratic
Leader's seat Iowa-3rd Virginia-7th
Last election 206 seats 124 seats
Seats won 187 161
Seat change -19 +37

Incumbent Speaker
Thomas Reed

David Henderson

The U.S. House election, 1898 was an election for the United States House of Representatives in 1898 which occurred in the middle of President William McKinley's first term.

As in many midterm elections, the President's Republican Party lost seats, but was able to hold a majority over the Democratic Party. The Populist Party also lost many seats, as their movement began to decline. Many Populists rallied behind William Jennings Bryan's increasingly powerful branch of the Democratic Party, which built the rural economic issues advocated by Populists into their platform. As a result, the Democrats won a number of Western seats as well many in the Mid-Atlantic.

Overall results

Party Total seats (change) Seat percentage
Republican Party 187 -19 52.3%
Democratic Party 161 +37 45.0%
Populist Party 5 -17 1.4%
Silver Republican Party 2 -1 0.4%
Silver Party 1 +0 0.2%
Independent 1 +0 0.2%
Totals 357 +0 100.0%
     80.1-100% Republican      80.1-100% Democratic
     60.1-80% Republican      60.1-80% Democratic
           80.1-100% Populist
House seats by party holding plurality in state
     6+ Republican gain      6+ Democratic gain
     3-5 Republican gain      3-5 Democratic gain
     1-2 Republican gain      1-2 Democratic gain
     no net change      1-2 Populist gain


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
California 1 John All Barham Republican
Running John All Barham (R) 61.1%
Emmet Seawell (D) 38.9%
California 2 Marion De Vries Democratic
Running Marion De Vries (D) 55.3%
Frank D. Ryan (R) 44.7%
California 3 Samuel G. Hilborn Republican
Defeated in primary Victor H. Metcalf (R) 57.3%
John Aubrey Jones (D) 39.1%
Thomas F. Burns (SL) 3.6%
California 4 James G. Maguire Democratic
Running for governor Julius Kahn (R) 50%
James H. Barry (D) 44.1%
W. J. Martin (SL) 3.7%
Joseph P. Kelly (I) (D) 2.2%
California 5 Eugene F. Loud Republican
Running Eugene F. Loud (R) 51.8%
William Craig (D) 44.3%
E. T. Kingsley (SL) 3.9%
California 6 Charles A. Barlow Populist
Running Russell J. Waters (R) 52.6%
Charles A. Barlow (Pop.) 44.9%
James T. Van Ransselear (SL) 2.5%
California 7 Curtis H. Castle Populist
Running James C. Needham (R) 50.1%
Curtis H. Castle (Pop.) 49.9%

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