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1930 United States 1934
United States House of Representatives elections, 1932
All 435 seats to the United States House of Representatives
November 2, 1932
Majority party Minority party
Henry T. Rainey.jpg Replace this image male.svg
Leader Henry Rainey Bertrand Snell
Party Democratic Republican
Leader's seat Illinois-20th New York-31st
Last election 216 seats 218 seats
Seats won 313 117
Seat change +97 -101

The U.S. House election, 1932 was an election for the United States House of Representatives in 1932 which coincided with the landslide election of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The overwhelming unpopularity of incumbent Herbert Hoover caused his Republican Party to lose over 100 seats to Roosevelt's Democratic Party and the small Farmer-Labor Party. The Democrats retained the majority they had gained through special elections in the last Congress, and expanded it to a commanding level. This round of elections was seen as a referendum on the once popular Republican business practices, which were buried by new, more liberal Democratic ideas. The inability of the Hoover government to cope with the Great Depression was the main issue surrounding this election.

Overall results

Party Total seats (change) Seat percentage
Democratic Party 313 +97 71.9%
Republican Party 117 -101 26.8%
Farmer-Labor Party 5 +4 1.1%
Totals 435 +0 100.0%
     80.1-100% Republican      80.1-100% Democratic
     60.1-80% Republican      60.1-80% Democratic
           60.1-80% Progressive
House seats by party holding plurality in state
     6+ Republican gain      6+ Democratic gain
     3-5 Republican gain      3-5 Democratic gain
     1-2 Republican gain      1-2 Democratic gain
     no net change      3-5 Farmer-Labor gain


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
California 1 Clarence F. Lea Democratic
Running Clarence F. Lea (D) (unopposed)
California 2 Harry Lane Englebright Republican
Running Harry Lane Englebright (R) (unopposed)
California 3 Charles F. Curry, Jr. Republican
Running Frank H. Buck (D) 56.8%
Charles F. Curry (R) 43.2%
California 4 Florence Prag Kahn Republican
Running Florence Prag Kahn (R) 85.3%
Milen C. Dempster (S) 14.7%
California 5 Richard J. Welch Republican
Running Richard J. Welch (R) (unopposed)
California 6 Albert E. Carter Republican
Running Albert E. Carter (R) (unopposed)
California 7 None (District created) Ralph R. Eltse (R) 45.5%
Frank V. Cornish (D) 32.0%
J. Stitt Wilson (S) 22.5%
California 8 Arthur M. Free Republican
Running John J. McGrath (D) 56.9%
Arthur M. Free (R) 43.1%
California 9 Henry E. Barbour Republican
Running Denver S. Church (D) 61.6%
Henry E. Barbour (R) 38.4%
California 10 None (District created) Henry E. Stubbs (D) 55.3%
Arthur S. Crites (R) 44.7%
California 11 William E. Evans Republican
Running William E. Evans (R) 51.8%
Albert D. Hadley (D) 34.3%
Marshall V. Hartranft (Liberty) 13.9%
California 12 None (District created) John H. Hoeppel (D) 45.8%
Frederick F. Houser (R) 43.2%
Richard M. Cannon (Proh.) 11.0%
California 13 None (District created) Charles Kramer (D) 52.7%
Charles H. Randall (R) 43.1%
George D. Higgins (Liberty) 4.2%
California 14 None (District created) Thomas F. Ford (D) 57.1%
William D. Campbell (R) 42.9%
California 15 None (District created) William I. Traeger (R) 52.8%
John M. Costello (D) 45.1%
Errol O. Shour (W/I) 2.1%
California 16 Joe Crail Republican
Retiring John F. Dockweiler (D) 54.9%
Clyde Woodworth (R) 45.1%
California 17 None (District created) Charles J. Colden (D) 62.2%
A. E. Henning (R) 32.9%
Ernest E. Debs (Liberty) 4.9%
California 18 None (District created) John H. Burke (D) 53.3%
Robert Henderson (R) 37.4%
William E. Hinshaw (I) 9.3%
California 19 None (District created) Sam L. Collins (R) 51.0%
B. Z. McKinney (D) 46.4%
Horatio S. Hoard (Liberty) 2.6%
California 20 Philip D. Swing Republican
Retiring George Burnham (R) 50.3%
Claude Chandler (D) 49.7%

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