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Oregon's United States congressional districts

All five of Oregon's federal congressional districts (US House of Representatives) were up for election in 2006, as they are every two years. All five incumbents were re-elected, four of them by large margins; only the 5th district was somewhat competitive.

All results shown are the official results from the Oregon Secretary of State Elections Division.


First congressional district

Incumbent Democrat David Wu has represented Oregon's 1st congressional district since 1998. In the primary, he defeated Pavel Goberman, Alexa Lewis, and Shantu Shah. In the general election, he won 62% of the vote, defeating Republican state representative Derrick Kitts, Libertarian candidate Drake Davis, and Constitution Party candidate Dean Wolf.

United States House election, 2006: Oregon District 1
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic David Wu 169,409 62.83 +5.32
Republican Derrick Kitts 90,904 33.71 -4.44
Libertarian Drake Davis 4,497 1.67
Constitution (Oregon) Dean Wolf 4,370 1.62 -2.24
Misc. Misc. 447 0.17 -0.26

Second congressional district

Incumbent Republican Greg Walden has represented Oregon's 2nd congressional district since 1998. In the primary, he defeated Paul Daghlian. In the general election, he took 67% of the vote, defeating Democrat Carol Voisin, a lecturer at Southern Oregon University, and Constitution party candidate Jack Alan Brown, Jr.

United States House election, 2006: Oregon District 2
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Greg Walden 181,529 66.81 -4.65
Democratic Carol Voisin 72,484 30.36 +4.98
Constitution (Oregon) Jack Alan Brown, Jr. 7,119 2.65 +1.48
Misc. Misc. 513 0.19 +.02

Third congressional district

Incumbent Democrat Earl Blumenauer has represented Oregon's 3rd congressional district since 1996. In the primary, he defeated John Sweeney. In the general election, he took nearly 75% of the vote, over Republican candidate Bruce Broussard and Constitution Party candidate David Brownlow.

United States House election, 2006: Oregon District 3
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic Earl Blumenauer 186,380 73.49 +2.63
Republican Bruce Broussard 59,529 23.47 -.20
Constitution (Oregon) David Brownlow 7,003 2.76 +0.71
Misc. Misc. 698 0.28 -0.05

Fourth congressional district

Incumbent Democrat Peter DeFazio has represented Oregon's 4th congressional district since 1986. Unopposed in the primary, DeFazio defeated the Republican candidate, businessman Jim Feldkamp, by 25 percentage points.

United States House election, 2006: Oregon District 4
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic Peter DeFazio 180,607 62.23 +1.25
Republican Jim Feldkamp 109,105 37.59 +0.01
Misc. Misc. 532 0.18 +0.17

Fifth congressional district

Incumbent Democrat Darlene Hooley has represented Oregon's 5th congressional district since 1996 despite the fact that her district contains more Republicans than Democrats. She had faced increasing competition for her seat, winning with only 53% of the vote in 2004. In 2006, her Republican competitor was businessman Mike Erickson, the founder of AFMS Logistics Management Group, a leading transportation logistics organization, who matched Hooley's campaign contributions with his own money. Hooley also faced Pacific Green candidate Paul Aranas and Constitution Party candidate Douglas Patterson. Hooley ended up taking 54% of the vote, a slight increase over her 2004 showing.

United States House election, 2006: Oregon District 5
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic Darlene Hooley 146,973 53.99 +1.13
Republican Mike Erickson 116,424 42.77 -1.56
Pacific Green Paul Aranas 4,194 1.54
Constitution (Oregon) Douglas Patterson 4,160 1.53 +0.69
Misc. Misc. 483 0.18 +0.08


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