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United States Pirate Party
Chairperson Brittany Phelps
Founded 2006 (2006)
Ideology Intellectual property reform, freedom of information, open government, network neutrality
International affiliation Pirate Party International
Politics of the United States
Political parties

The United States Pirate Party (USPP) is a political party created on June 6, 2006 and formed on July 4, 2006.[1] The party is not affiliated nor associated with The Pirate Bay.



     Officially registered pirate party      Active, unregistered pirate party      Discussed within PP-International      No pirate party

The Swedish Pirate Party, officially known as Piratpartiet, was formed on 1 January 2006, when its website went online at 20:30 CEST. Similar parties were created and registered in Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Poland and few other countries. While parties in several other nations also have seen attempts. Each branch and party in their respective countries are unique, independent, and autonomous, save for the discussion of international news on the mailing list.[2] The United States version is not registered or officially recognized in any state.[3] The party did attempt to register in Utah during the 2007/2008 election cycle but failed to collect the required number of Statements of Support. [4] [5]


The Pirate Party's platform runs the gamut from property rights to democratic ideals. Their focus on property law remains within the purview reform of trademark, copyright reform, and patent law. A major facet of their party is transparency; each officer and action done on behalf of the party must be done with utmost candor[citation needed]. Constitutional rights remain sacrosanct to the party: first, fourth, and sixth amendments to the United States Constitution must be upheld in favor of the citizens.[6]


In a 2007 interview with ZDNet, MPAA executive vice president and chief strategy officer Dean Garfield criticized the entire Pirate Party movement, claiming "There's nothing about what the Pirate Bay does or what the Pirate Party does that is legitimate. There's nothing philosophically principled about it."[7]

At a 2008 preview of his new "Change Congress" project, Stanford professor and Creative Commons founding board member Lawrence Lessig expressed his skepticism of the Pirate Party in the United States. He then criticized the name of the party and the media's use of the word 'piracy', saying "Call your party the Pirate Party, and you'll reinforce that. The branding is not one that I would embrace here in the United States."[8]


The Chairman of the party is elected every July by a membership vote, as established in the party constitution[9]

Name From To
Joshua Cowles July 4 2006 May 2007
Andrew Norton May 2007 September 2008a
Glenn Kerbein September 2008a July 2009
Ryan Martin July 2009 December 29 2009b
Bradley Hall b December 29 2009 January 28 2010
Brittany Phelps January 28 2010 Current

^a  Mr Norton stepped down mid-term to head up Pirate Party International. Mr Kerbein, as Operations Officer, stepped into the position for the rest of the term.

^b  Mr Martin was removed via a Vote of No Confidence on December 29th 2009. Mr Hall was selected as Administrator pro-tempore for a 30-day period until elections could be held[10]

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