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University Athletic Association
University Athletic Association logo
Classification NCAA Division III
Established 1986
Members 8
Sports fielded 22 (12 men's, 10 women's)
Region Eastern United States
States 7 - Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts,
Missouri, New York, Ohio,
Headquarters Rochester, NY
Other names Nerdy Nine

The University Athletic Association (UAA), also known as "The Nerdy Nine", is an American athletic conference that competes in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's (NCAA) Division III. Member teams are located in Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio and New York. The UAA is the only Division III conference to have all of its member institutions affiliated with the Association of American Universities, a collection of 60 of the top research institutions in the United States. As each of the member universities places a stronger emphasis on academics than athletics, this conference is sometimes referred to as the "cerebral league" or the "Nerdy Nine" (even though there are now only eight members).


Member teams

Institution Location Founded Affiliation Enrollment Team Nickname
Brandeis University Waltham, Massachusetts 1948 Private 5,313 Judges
Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1900 Private 11,006 Tartans
Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio 1826 Private 9,952 Spartans
Emory University Atlanta, Georgia 1836 Private 12,338 Eagles
New York University New York, New York 1831 Private 40,870 Violets
University of Chicago Chicago, Illinois 1890 Private 13,400 Maroons
University of Rochester Rochester, New York 1850 Private 9,027 Yellowjackets
Washington University in St. Louis St. Louis, Missouri 1853 Private 13,527 Bears

All of the universities listed above are founding members except Brandeis. Johns Hopkins University was a founding member, but no longer participates in the UAA.


Former Member

Institution Location Founded Affiliation Enrollment Team Nickname
Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland 1876 Private 4,586
(+over 14,000
post grads)
Blue Jays

Conference facilities

School Football stadium Capacity Basketball arenas Capacity Baseball stadium Capacity Soccer stadium Capacity
Brandeis Non-Football School N/A Auerbach Arena 2,500
Carnegie Mellon Gesling Stadium 3,900 Skibo Gymnasium 1,500 Non-Baseball School N/A Gesling Stadium 3,900
Case Western Reserve Case Field 2,500 Horsburgh Gym 1,200 Nobby's Ballpark 500 Case Field 2,500
Emory Non-Football School N/A Woodruff P.E. Center 2,000 Chappell Park (baseball); George F. Cooper, Jr. Field (softball)
New York Non-Football School N/A Coles Sports Center 1,900
Chicago Stagg Field 1,650 Gerald Ratner Athletics Center 1,900 J. Kyle Anderson Field
Rochester* Fauver Stadium 5,000 Louis Alexander Palestra 1,889 Towers Field Fauver Stadium 5,000
Washington Francis Field 3,300 Field House 3,000 Kelly Field
  • Rochester competes in the Liberty League in football as well as numerous other sports.


The UAA sanctions competition in the following sports:



Football champions

Year Champion(s) Conference
1990 Carnegie Mellon 4-0
1991 Carnegie Mellon 4-0
1992 Rochester 4-0
1993 Carnegie Mellon 4-0
1994 Carnegie Mellon and Washington 3-1
1995 Carnegie Mellon and Washington 3-1
1996 Carnegie Mellon, Case Western Reserve and Washington 3-1
1997 Carnegie Mellon 4-0
1998 Chicago 4-0
1999 Washington 4-0
2000 Chicago 4-0
2001 Washington 4-0
2002 Washington 4-0
2003 Washington 3-0
2004 Washington 3-0
2005 Chicago 3-0
2006 Carnegie Mellon 3-0
2007 Case Western Reserve 3-0
2008 Case Western Reserve 3-0
2009 Case Western Reserve 3-0

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