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University of Aleppo
جامعة حلب

Seal of the University of Aleppo
Established 1958
Type Public
Principal Mohammad Nizar Akil
Undergraduates 55,732
Postgraduates 4,386
Doctoral students 1,525
Location Aleppo, Syria

University of Aleppo (Arabic: جامعة حلب‎, also called Aleppo University) is a public university located in Aleppo, Syria. It is the second largest university in Syria after the University of Damascus.

The University has over 61,000 of undergraduate students, over 1,500 of graduate students and approximately 2400 faculty members as of the 2005/2006 school year.



What was to become the University of Aleppo consisted of a Faculty of Engineering in Aleppo opened in 1946 and affiliated to what is now the University of Damascus (Syrian University at that time). After the end of French rule in 1946, the newly independent Syria only had one university. In 1958, the Syrian government passed a law that created the University of Aleppo as the second university in the country. When the new university opened its doors in 1960, it consisted of two faculties in Civil Engineering and Agriculture. The University grew rapidly in the subsequent decades, forming respected programs in engineering, sciences, and literature, as well as a strong emphasis on languages, offering courses on the German, Russian, French, and English languages, in addition to Arabic.




Aleppo University consists of 22 faculties, among which 18 faculties are in Aleppo and 4 are in Idlib:

  • Civil Engineering (1958)
  • Agriculture (1960)
  • Medicine (1960)
  • Law (1960)
  • Arts and Humanities (1966)
  • Sciences (1966)
  • Economics (1966)
  • Dentistry (1979)
  • Architecture (1982)
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering (1982)
  • Mechanical Engineering (1982)
  • Pharmacy (1991)
  • Education (1997)
  • Informatics Engineering (2000)
  • Technological Engineering (2002)
  • Fine Arts (2006)
  • Islamic Law (2006)
  • Institute of the History of Arabic Science (1976, awards Diploma, Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Basic, Medical, Applied Sciences and Archaeology)
  • Agriculture II in Idlib (2005)
  • Education II in Idlib (2005)
  • Arts and Humanities II in Idlib (2005)
  • Low II in Idlib (2006)

Technical Colleges

The university has 10 intermediate technical colleges with 8 of them in Aleppo and 2 in Idlib:

  • Medical
  • Dentistry
  • Informatics
  • Engineering
  • Agricultural
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Business & Marketing
  • Mechanical & Electrical
  • Informarics in Idlib
  • Accounting & Finance in Idlib


5 hospitals in Aleppo are operating under the supervision of the university with a nursing school in the university:

  • Aleppo University Hospital (AUH)
  • Aleppo University Cardiovascular Surgical Centre
  • OB/GYN Hospital named after Basil al-Assad
  • Al-Kindi Hospital
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical Centre

In addition, there are 11 educational centres, 11 linguistic academies, a publishing and printing house, a central library and 20 units in the campus, designated to host more than 12 thousand students.

The university publishes its scientific journal periodicaly which is called Aleppo University Researches.


  1. Dr. Tawfik Al-Munajed (1960 - 67)
  2. Dr. Mustafa Ezzat Al-Nassar (1968 - 69)
  3. Dr. Ahmad Y Hassan (1973 - 79)
  4. Dr. Mohammad Ali Huriah (1979 - 2000)
  5. Dr. Saeed Farhoud (2001 - 04)
  6. Dr. Mohammad Nizar Akil (2005-present)

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