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University of Bern
Latin: Universitas Bernensis
Established 1834
Type Public
Rector Prof. Dr. Urs Würgler
Staff 3,224
Students 13,000
Location Berne, Switzerland

The University of Bern (German: Universität Bern, French: Université de Berne) is a university in the Swiss capital of Berne. It was founded in 1834. The university is regulated and financed by the Canton of Berne.



The 2007 Times Higher Education Supplement [THES] World University Rankings ranked the University of Berne as follows:[1]

  • 7th in Switzerland
  • 214th in the world overall

The Academic Ranking of World Universities 2006 [ARWU] ranked the University of Berne as follows:

  • 6th in Switzerland
  • 57th–80th in Europe
  • 151st–202nd in the world


At the moment, the University has an enrollment of roughly 13,000 students, studying in eight different faculties:

The Philosophical-Historical Faculty is similar to the Arts & Sciences departments at American universities, with majors (Hauptfächer) in a variety of languages, history, linguistics, economics, philosophy, psychology, etc. The Philosophical-Scientific Faculty is restricted to the "hard" sciences, like chemistry or physics. The philosophic-Humanistic Faculty was founded 2005 and allows studies in Education, Sports and psychological studies. The department of Old Catholic Theology at the Faculty of Theology is the only place in the world to study theology in this kind of denomination.

The Faculty of Theology has the lowest number of students, while the Philosophical-Historical Faculty has the most students.


The University buildings are distributed throughout Berne, but most center around Länggass street, an area immediately northwest of the city center. An elevator from the main train station provides access to the terrace directly in front of the main administration building. The University as well as the City and the Canton of Berne have won many prizes for their intelligent, ecological and sustainable application of old buildings. For instance, the Faculty of Theology and parts of the Philosophic-Historical Faculty now use an old chocolate factory as their main building (the so called "Unitobler") and in 2005 the old women's hospital was rebuilt as a university centre ("UniS").

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