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University of Latvia
Latvijas Universitāte
Latin: Universitas Latviensis
Motto Scientiae et patriae («For science and fatherland»)
Established 1919
Type Public
Students 23,000
Location Riga, Latvia
University of Latvia's main building. Vintage viewcard from the early 20th century.
University of Latvia's main building (2007)

University of Latvia (LU) (Latvian: Latvijas Universitāte) is a university in Latvia located in Riga, Latvia.



The University of Latvia named at that time "The Latvia Higher School" was founded on September 28, 1919 on the basis of the former Riga Polytechnic (founded in 1862). In 1923, this school received its now resumed name - the University of Latvia (Universitas Latviensis).

In the period between 1919 and 1940, the University of Latvia was the greatest center of higher education, science and culture in Latvia. The former building of Riga Polytechnic in 19 Raina boulevard serves as the symbol of the University even nowadays.

In the pre-war years, it was possible to gain higher academic education not only at the University of Latvia but also at the Conservatoire of Latvia and Academy of Arts. In the course of time, such higher educational establishments as Latvian University of Agriculture, Latvian Academy of Medicine, Riga Technical University separated from the University of Latvia and became well-known centers of education and research.

With Latvia regaining independence the Supreme Council of the Republic of Latvia confirmed the Constitution of the University of Latvia on September 18, 1991. It stated that the Higher School is "a state establishment of academic education, science and culture which serves the needs of Latvia and people"[1]. Alongside the Constitution, the flag, the hymn, the University's emblem, the Rector's chain and the official garments for the Rector, Vice-Rector and deans were renewed as attributes of the University of Latvia.

Many popular politicians are graduates, including prime ministers of Latvia, doctor of physics Ivars Godmanis and Einars Repše, and member of parliament and former minister for education and science, doctor of philology Ina Druviete.


The University of Latvia offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels of study and in January 2008 more than 23,000 students, including PhD and exchange students, had enrolled in various study programs.[2]. Almost of third of them studied in business and economics related programs.


It consists of 14 faculties:

  1. Faculty of Biology;
  2. Faculty of Chemistry;
  3. Faculty of Physics and Mathematics;
  4. Faculty of Economics and Management;
  5. Faculty of Education and Psychology;
  6. Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences;
  7. Faculty of History and Philosophy;
  8. Faculty of Law;
  9. Faculty of Medicine;
  10. Faculty of Modern Languages;
  11. Faculty of Philology and Art Sciences;
  12. Faculty of Social Sciences;
  13. Faculty of Theology;
  14. Faculty of Computing.

In addition to the university’s various faculties, the University of Latvia offers most of the resources traditionally associated with accredited universities, including several libraries, research facilities, study centers, a language school, and a career center[3].

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