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University of St Andrews
Students' Association
Established 1864
Institution University of St Andrews
President Andrew Keenan
Location St Andrews, Scotland
Affiliated to Coalition of Higher Education Students in Scotland

The University of St Andrews Students' Association was founded in 1864, and is the oldest students' union in the world.[1]



The Association is run by a student-elected Board and four sabbatical officers, each responsible for a separate aspect of student life: the Director of Representation represents students to the University and more broadly, including to local and national government; the Director of Student Development and Activities supports the many student societies, as well as being involved in the provision of careers advice and personal development planning; the Director of Events and Services organises the major events of the year, such as Freshers' Week and the Graduation Ball, and regular Union club nights, as well as liaising with sponsors; the Association President is the overall leader of the Association and responsible for its image and strategic planning.[2] The Board comprises seven student members and six non-student members. The student members are the four sabbatical officers, the Association Chair (who chairs the SSC and SRC, below), the Community Relations Officer and the Sustainability Officer. Under the Universities (Scotland) Acts, all students of the University automatically become members of the Students' Association, however they are entitled to opt out of this.

Student Services Committee

The Student Services Committee supports the activities and events run by the Students' Association and the University's clubs and societies by providing facilities, organisation and funding.[3] The Committee comprises the following members:

Association Members

  • Association Chair
  • Association President
  • Director of Representation
  • Director of Student Development and Activities
  • Director of Events and Services
  • Community Relations Officer
  • Sustainability Officer

SSC Members

  • Charities Officer
  • Debates Officer
  • Performing Arts Officer
  • Music Officer
  • Postgraduate Officer
  • Societies Officer
  • Volunteering Officer
  • Broadcasting Officer
  • Design Team Convenor
  • Entertainments Convenor
  • Film Convenor (Scheduled to become officer in 2012)
  • University Challenge Convenor
  • Member for Societies' Grants
  • Member for Societies' Elections
  • Member Without Portfolio

Students' Representative Council

The Students' Representative Council was instituted as the legal representative body for students of the University by the Universities (Scotland) Act 1889.[4] The SRC is responsible for representing students' interests to the management of the University and to local and national government.

The SRC comprises twenty-eight representatives:[4]

Association Members

  • Association Chair
  • Student Association President
  • Student Association Director of Representation
  • Student Association Director of Student Development and Activities
  • Student Association Director of Events and Services

Rector's Assessor


  • Accommodation Officer
  • Education Officer
  • Sustainability Officer
  • Community Relations Officer
  • External Campaigns Officer
  • Equal Opportunities & Welfare Officer
  • Debates Officer (President of the Union Debating Society)


  • Member for Ethnic Minority Students
  • Member for International Students
  • Member for Library and Learning Resources
  • Member for Mature Students
  • Member for Part-Time Students
  • Member for Postgraduate Accommodation
  • Member for Private Accommodation
  • Member for Sexualities and Gender
  • Member for Students with Disabilities
  • Member for University Accommodation
  • Member for Widening Access
  • Member for Sub-Honours Academic Issues
  • Member for Honours Academic Issues
  • Member for First Year Students
  • Member for Postgraduate Taught Students
  • Member for Postgraduate Research Students


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