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Unnai Ninaithu is a film starring Suriya, Laila and Sneha.

Unnai Ninaithu
Directed by Vikraman
Starring Suriya
Ramesh Khanna
Delhi Ganesh
Music by Sirpi
Release date(s) 2002
Running time 2 hour20 min
Language Tamil

The basic story of the movie involves Laila and Suriya falling in love. A 3rd character gets entangled in the plot and Laila is compelled by her family to marry him. Heart-broken Suriya leaves her alone, but only to find out that the man she married is a total crook. In trying to prove this to Laila, Suriya always ends up in situations where he looks like the crook. Infuriated and disgusted Laila yells at Suriya telling him to back off. Suriya Then officially leaves her alone. Sneha gets weaved into the plot and ends up falling for Suriya's charm, and Fastidious behaviour and they end up having great times together, that is until Laila comes back all heart-broken after finding out her husband wants nothing further to do with her as he was going to marry someone else. Upon seeing this Suriya becomes greatly disturbed and helps Laila out in all the ways he can. In the end Laila is moving back to her hometown and at the train station asks for Suriya's hand in mariagge, Only to find that he is not interested. He states that love isn't like a tape-recorder to play over and over again, it only comes once. He tells her he is now only interested in Sneha who will wait for him all her life. He sees her off and is leaving the trainstation when Sneha runs up to him. They both smile at each other and walk off into the sun set.


Box Office

  • The film was a commercial success grossing $1 million at the box office.
  • Vijay was originally selected before Surya and even started shooting. However, Vijay had left in the middle of shooting.


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