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"Unnatural Love"
Flight of the Conchords episode
Conchords 205 Unnatural Love.jpg
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 5
Written by Iain Morris & Damon Beesley
Directed by Michel Gondry
Production no. 205
Original airdate February 15, 2009
Guest stars

Sarah Wynter (Keitha)
Dena Kaplan (Keitha's housemate)
Victoria Cesarski (Keitha's housemate)
José Ramón Rosario (Hansom Cab driver)

Episode chronology
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"Murray Takes It to the Next Level" "Love Is a Weapon of Choice"

"Unnatural Love" is the fifth episode of the second season of the HBO comedy series Flight of the Conchords. This episode first aired in the United States on February 15, 2009. It received two 2009 Creative Arts Emmy nominations, for Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (Half-Hour) And Animation and Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics for the song "Carol Brown." [1]


Plot synopsis

After a one night stand, Jemaine is horrified to discover he has accidentally slept with an Australian. Bret and Murray are also dismayed, but Jemaine can't resist continuing to date her.


Jemaine with Keitha (Sarah Wynter)

With the help of Dave, Murray forces Bret and Jemaine to visit a nightclub to experience "dancing music". Inside they discover that the club is overpopulated with men and they sing the song "Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor". Jemaine manages to pick up a woman at the club but when he awakes at her place the next morning, he discovers that he is surrounded by Australian memorabilia. It is only then that he realises that he has slept with an Australian.

Jemaine tries to sneak out but he can't unlock the door. He phones Bret for help, but the woman catches him and introduces herself as "Keitha". She asks him to stay longer, but he leaves and heads straight to the doctor for a checkup.

Later at a band meeting, Bret reveals to Murray what Jemaine has done. Bret and Murray discuss whether Jemaine should be expelled from the band for his transgression, but they allow him to stay.

Jemaine revisits Keitha to retrieve his missing wallet and over a cup of tea he interrogates her about her family to determine exactly how Australian she is. It turns out she is very Australian, but nonetheless she manages to entice him into bed again.

Jemaine and Keitha start dating, much to the chagrin of not only Murray and Bret, but also Keitha's two Australian housemates. After a discussion with Keitha about why she has decided to date him despite the opposition of her friends, Jemaine sings the song "Carol Brown".

The lovers decide to elope to New Jersey and Jemaine waits for hours at the predetermined meeting spot but Keitha never shows up. Jemaine dejectedly makes his way home, only to discover that the apartment has been cleaned out by Keitha and her friends. He also discovers a helpless Bret, who has been overpowered by the girls and duct taped to the back of the door.


The following songs appear in this episode:


"Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor"

After Dave asks Bret and Jemaine to give him more space on the dance floor, the band sings this dance track about a nightclub populated by too many men.

"Carol Brown"

"Carol Brown" is an homage to the Paul Simon song "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" (there are later references to Simon and Garfunkel in the subsequent episode "Prime Minister").[2] In "50 Ways" the singer suggests a number of ways that a man can escape an unwanted relationship, including "hop on a bus". In "Carol Brown", Jemaine sings "there must be 50 ways that lovers have left me" and it instead describes all the ways that women have left Jemaine, including "Carol Brown" who "took a bus out of town".

Jemaine is accompanied by a chorus of women playing his ex-girlfriends. They sing about his many deficiencies as a boyfriend.

In the video for the song, Jemaine pretends to play a small videotape editing console with a guitar neck attached to it. Bret plays a similar contraption consisting of a bass guitar neck attached to a video mixer console.

Director Michel Gondry has a cameo in the video as the man with Jemaine's ex-girlfriend Jan.

Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy is a member of the chorus of ex-girlfriends.[3][4]

Filming locations

"Club Exit" at 149 Greenpoint Ave in Brooklyn was used for the exterior shots of "The Score Spot" nightclub that Dave, Bret and Jemaine visit.

Keitha's apartment is at 124 Ridge Street, Manhattan.

The location where Jemaine waits for Keitha before their elopement was filmed at the Avenue of the Americas entrance to Central Park, just next to the statue of Simón Bolívar.

Cultural references

The bouncer at the night club who leads the conga line during "Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor" is Randy Jones, the original cowboy from the disco group Village People.[5]

The khaki shirt and shorts that Jemaine is wearing when Bret and Murray first meet Keitha is a reference to Steve Irwin.[6][7][8]



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