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Unreal Tournament 2004
Unreal Tournament 2004 Coverart.png
Developer(s) Epic Games
Digital Extremes
Publisher(s) Atari (Linux/Windows), MacSoft (Mac), Midway, GOG.com
Designer(s) Jeff Morris
Steven Polge
Engine Unreal Engine 2.5 Build 3120-3369
Version 3369.2 (Linux), 3369.2 (Mac), 3369 (Win)
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Release date(s) NA March 16, 2004

EU March 18, 2004
AUS March 19, 2004

Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: M
PEGI: 16+
Media CD, DVD, Steam download
System requirements Operating System Support Windows 98/ME/2000/XP,Vista,7,Linux 2.2+ or Mac OS X (Linux not supported by Atari)
Input methods Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick

Unreal Tournament 2004, also known as UT2K4 and UT2004, is a futuristic first-person shooter computer game developed by Epic Games and Digital Extremes. It is part of the Unreal series of games and is the sequel to 2002's Unreal Tournament 2003 and the original Unreal Tournament.

Among significant changes to gameplay mechanics and visual presentation, one of the major additions introduced by Unreal Tournament 2004 is the inclusion of vehicles and the Onslaught game type, allowing for large-scale battles.[3]

The game features all or most of the content of its predecessor, replacing it on the shop shelves. Unreal Tournament 2004 boxes sold in the United States include a $10 mail-in rebate requiring that a short form be completed and sent to the publisher along with a copy of the manual cover for Unreal Tournament 2003. Versions sold in the United Kingdom had a similar offer, but required sending in the play CD for Unreal Tournament 2003 instead.

Its successor, Unreal Tournament 3, was released on 19 November 2007.[4]



UT2004 was built with Unreal Engine 2.5 and the content of its predecessor, UT2003. It addressed many of 2003's shortcomings, including almost doubling the amount of content available.[5]

The game was developed by multiple studios, with Epic Games leading the project. Lead programmer Steve Polge described the role of each company involved:[6]

Epic Games
Enhancements to the Unreal Tournament 2003 game types, the new UI, Voice over IP and bot voice command support, engine enhancements and optimizations. They also made an improved single player game, and improved community and demo recording support, in addition to thirty-one new playable characters. A Sniper Rifle similar to the one included in the original Unreal Tournament was added. They created one Onslaught map, and developed AI support for Onslaught. 16 new DM maps, 5 new CTF Maps, 2 new Double Domination maps and 1 new Bombing Run map were added. The Assault gametype design and implementation were also reintroduced from the original Unreal Tournament.
The Onslaught gametype design and implementation, with 6 new vehicles, 4 new weapons (Grenade Launcher, Spider Mine Layer, Anti-Vehicular Rocket Launcher (AVRiL), and the Phoenix target painter), and the Energy Turret. They also created seven Onslaught maps, and collaborated with Streamline Studios on the popular map ONS-Torlan. Finally, they made the new model for the Translocator.
Digital Extremes
3 new DM maps, 6 new CTF maps, 2 new Bombing Run maps, and 3 new Double Domination maps, 2 new playable characters, the new HUD design; new weapon models for the Assault Rifle, Shock Rifle, and Link Gun.
Streamline Studios
The single player introduction movie and ONS-Torlan in collaboration with Psyonix. Streamline later created Assault map AS-Confexia, which they released for free.

Unreal Tournament 2004 was the first closed source game to support the new x86-64-bit extension, utilizing Linux, as Windows for x86-64 had not been released at the time.[citation needed]

Release history

Unreal Tournament 2004 running on Linux

On February 11, 2004 a playable demo was released for multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux on x86-32 (February 13, 2004) and Linux on x86-64 (February 15, 2004). An updated demo version, including all the bugfixes from official patches and some original content, was released on September 23, 2004.

Unreal Tournament 2004 was released on March 16, 2004 for the PC (Linux x86-32/x86-64 and Windows), the Mac OS X version (DVD only) followed on March 31, 2004. The version for Windows x86-64 was released as a downloadable patch on October 1, 2005. At release consumers could purchase the game on CD, or a limited-time special edition DVD version that came with a Logitech microphone-headset and a second DVD filled with video-tutorials on how to use the included UnrealEd. A single DVD version with neither microphone nor tutorials was also released in Europe. The CD version of the game came on six discs. On April 13, 2004, Unreal Tournament 2004 was re-released as a special edition DVD.

In summer 2004, Epic and Atari, in collaboration, released an XP Levels downloadable mappack, which included two new Onslaught maps, ONS-Ascendancy and ONS-Aridoom.[7] The pack is free for download and use on any system capable of running the game.

On September 21, 2004, Atari released in stores the "Editor's Choice Edition" of Unreal Tournament 2004 which adds 3 vehicles, 4 Onslaught maps, and 6 character skins to the original game, and also contains several mods developed by the community as selected by Epic Games. This extension (excluding mods) was released as a Bonus Pack by Atari on September 23, 2004, and is available for free download.

In December 2005, the Mega Bonus Pack was released online by Epic games, which included several new maps, along with the latest patch and the Editor's Choice Edition content.

In November 2006 Unreal Anthology was released which bundles Unreal Gold, Unreal II: The Awakening, Unreal Tournament (Game of the Year edition), and Unreal Tournament 2004. On March 17, 2008 the game was released standalone and as part of the Unreal Deal Pack on Valve's digital distribution service Steam, followed later in the year by the 'Editors Choice Edition'[8] on GOG.com


Unreal Tournament 2004 was greeted with positive reviews and community reaction, with critics citing unique, fast-paced, fun and challenging nature of the game as the main selling points, while fans touted the post-release support and extensive modding capabilities. The game holds a 93/100 score on Metacritic ("Universal acclaim").[9]

The game also received awards for Multiplayer Game of the Year (IGN, Gamespy, Computer Gaming World) and Best Value for 2004 award (Computer Games Magazine).



There are many vehicles available in Unreal Tournament 2004. Most of them make an appearance in the Onslaught game type, while a few feature in Assault. The full set consist of aircraft types and land vehicles.[10] There are also two spacecraft which only officially feature in one Assault map, and different types of gun turrets which players can take control of.


The game includes extensive modification support which allows users to easily create maps, models, gamemodes as well as various other additions to the game. The game features a flexible modification system which seamlessly blends custom content with the original, as well as allowing for easy tweaking of the game with the "mutator" system.

In 2004 Epic games held the "Make Something Unreal" contest, which rewarded the creators of the best submitted modifications with prizes in cash, computer hardware, and, ultimately, a license for commercial use of the Unreal Engine 2.[11] Red Orchestra, a total conversion modification based on the Eastern Front of World War II and focused on realism-oriented gameplay, was the winner of the contest and is currently available as a retail title on Steam.[12]


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Unreal Tournament 2004
Box artwork for Unreal Tournament 2004.
Developer(s) Epic Games, Digital Extremes
Release date(s)
Windows, Linux
Genre(s) FPS
System(s) Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Steam, GameTap
Players 1-32
ESRB: Mature
OFLC: Mature Accompanied & Restricted
PEGI: Ages 16+
USK: Ages 16+
System requirements (help)
CPU clock speed


System RAM


Video RAM


Website http://unrealtournament.com
Preceded by Unreal Tournament 2003
Followed by Unreal Tournament 3
Series Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament 2004 is an FPS, well-known for its engaging and fast-paced multiplayer mode. This is the third installment in the Unreal Tournament series of games.

Table of Contents

Getting Started
  • Albatross
  • Desolation
  • Idoma
  • Irondust
  • Roughinery
  • Spirit
  • Squader
  • Trite
  • Corrugation
  • Deck17
  • DesertIsle
  • Gestalt
  • Goliath
  • Hyperblast
  • Metallurgy
  • Morpheus
  • Rankin
  • Rrajigar
  • Sulphur
  • Basics
  • Minor modifications
  • Mapping
  • Skinning
  • Modelling
  • Programming and scripting


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Unreal Tournament 2004

Developer(s) Epic Games, Digital Extremes
Publisher(s) Atari, Macsoft
Release date March 16, 2004 (NA)

March 18, 2004 (AU)

March 19, 2004 (EU)

Genre First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single player Multiplayer
Age rating(s) ESRB: M
Platform(s) PC
Media CD-ROM
Input Keyboard/Mouse
Credits | Soundtrack | Codes | Walkthrough

Unreal Tournament 2004 is the third and latest installment of the gladiator blood sport of the future. Featuring over twice the amount of content of Unreal Tournament 2003, the Tournament now includes land, air and space based vehicles as well as diverse and exciting new weaponry, game modes and game-play environments.

Game Features

  • Land and air and space based vehicles from lightweight attack craft to behemoth tanks
  • New weapons, including Mines, Rocket-propelled grenades, stationary gun turrets and more
  • New Arenas and battlefields - planet-bound mayhem and the cold vacuum of space
  • Assault mode returns. You asked for it! Here it is!
  • The mighty Skaarj return as a playable race and prepare for the return of the ultimate opponent - Xan Kriegor
  • Demo recording - record something special and show others who's got the skills
  • Onslaught mode - a brand new mode of play that takes warfare to the next level
  • New UI - clean, mean and lean. This new customizable User Interface gives you a clear picture on the body count.
  • Full support of software rendering for those with lower-end video cards or unreliable drivers
  • Live chat over LAN and Internet with 3D audio (on supported cards), using a microphoneand headset (not included with game). You can even send orders to bots using the microphone.
  • A wealth of new textures, static meshes and music.
  • UnrealTV broadcast system - allows hundreds of people to log on and watch famous combatants or rival clans duke it out
  • Numerous tweaks and refinements including a completely redesigned user interface (UI) (including the ability for mod makers to design their own UI), unique crosshairs for each weapon, the ability to wield dual assault rifles, improved bot AI and optimized network bandwidth usage and much, much more

Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor's Choice Edition

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