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Bavaria mn.png
Map of Bavaria highlighting the district of Unterallgäu
State Bavaria
Adm. region Swabia
Region Donau-Iller
District seat Mindelheim
Area 1,229.2 km²
Population 135,552 (2003)
Pop. density 110 /km²
Licence plate code MN
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Unterallgäu is a Kreis (district) in the southwestern part of Bavaria, Germany. Neighboring districts are (from the north clockwise) Neu-Ulm, Günzburg, Augsburg, Ostallgäu, Oberallgäu, and the districts Ravensburg und Biberach in Baden-Württemberg. The district-free city Memmingen in the west of the district is nearly surrounded by the district. The capital of the district is Mindelheim.



The district is located in the Allgäu, the northern foothills of the Alps. The river Iller forms part of the western boundary of the district.


The district was created July 1, 1972 by merging the previous districts Mindelheim and Memmingen. Mindelheim is the administrative seat of the new district.


The district started a partnership with the Polish Gostyn County in 2001.

Coat of arms

Wappen Landkreis Unterallgaeu.svg

The rose in the left of the coat of arms is the symbol of the abbey of Ottobeuren, which ruled the southern part of the district. The fleur-de-lis in the right stands for the Fugger family, who owned several estates in the district. To the bottom are the bavarian diamonds, to symbolize that the area became part of Bavaria in 1814.

Towns and municipalities

Towns Verwaltungsgemeinschaften Municipalities
  1. Bad Wörishofen
  2. Mindelheim


  1. Babenhausen
  2. Bad Grönenbach
  3. Dirlewang
  4. Erkheim
  5. Kirchheim in Schwaben
  6. Legau
  7. Markt Rettenbach
  8. Markt Wald
  9. Ottobeuren
  10. Pfaffenhausen
  11. Türkheim
  12. Tussenhausen
  1. Babenhausen
  2. Boos
  3. Dirlewang
  4. Erkheim
  5. Bad Grönenbach
  6. Kirchheim (Schwaben)
  7. Memmingerberg
  8. Ottobeuren
  9. Pfaffenhausen
  10. Türkheim
  1. Amberg
  2. Apfeltrach
  3. Benningen
  4. Böhen
  5. Boos
  6. Breitenbrunn
  7. Buxheim
  8. Egg an der Günz
  9. Eppishausen
  10. Ettringen
  11. Fellheim
  12. Hawangen
  13. Heimertingen
  14. Holzgünz
  15. Kammlach
  16. Kettershausen
  17. Kirchhaslach
  18. Kronburg
  19. Lachen
  1. Lauben
  2. Lautrach
  3. Memmingerberg
  4. Niederrieden
  5. Oberrieden
  6. Oberschönegg
  7. Pleß
  8. Rammingen
  9. Salgen
  10. Sontheim
  11. Stetten
  12. Trunkelsberg
  13. Ungerhausen
  14. Unteregg
  15. Westerheim
  16. Wiedergeltingen
  17. Winterrieden
  18. Wolfertschwenden
  19. Woringen

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Coordinates: 48°00′N 10°30′E / 48.0°N 10.5°E / 48.0; 10.5


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