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Studio album by Anna Vissi
Released 2010
Recorded 2007–present
Genre Rock
Label Sony Music (Greece)
TBA (outside Greece)
Anna Vissi chronology
Untitled English Album

Greek singer Anna Vissi will be releasing an English language album in 2010[1][2] in Greece and Cyprus, as well as the United States. The album will be her first English language studio album and international release since Everything I Am in 2000 and her 26th studio album overall. It is expected to feature a more rock sound,[3] and be composed by Non-Greek composers.[3]


Album information



Having spent a large portion of 2007 recording the album in Los Angeles, various news about the album was released. Robin DiMaggio stated that he was working with Vissi on the album and that writers included Glenn Ballard, Diane Warren, and Brian Haus.[4] Also on Mark Needham's website, "Anna Vissi - Forthcoming album, scheduled release 2009" was listed under Mix Engineer: Current Mixing Projects.[5] It was revealed that the album will be released in the first half of 2009.[2][6]

In February 2008, Vissi signed to Maple Jam Music Group for the management of the release of the album in the US.[7][8] In April 2008, Maple Jam Music released a statement on their website saying that "soon, Anna Vissi's unprecedented talent will capture the attention of a much broader audience as she comes to Los Angeles, California, to record a brand-new album unlike any before it. This album, set for a world-wide release in early 2009, promises to be her most dynamic yet. This album brings with it a new sound." [9] In an interview with Ellinikos FM, Nikos Karvelas was asked about new Anna Vissi work. Karvelas replied that she was currently in the US working on a new very rock album with non-Greek writers hinting that the new album will be rock flavored.[3] Maple Jam Music Group will play a large role in the production of the album, as they did with her Greek language album Apagorevmeno, released in December 2008.

By late 2008, it has appeared that Diane Warren and Robbin DiMaggio were off the album, while Maple Jam and Vissi recorded all new songs primarily by Dave Stewart, Glen Ballard, Patrick Leonard, Nadirah X and Brian Howes.[10] Leonard, Ballard and Stewart contributed to the composition and production to songs on Apagorevmeno.

According to Vissi in radio interviews in Auguest 2009, the new album will be released in early 2010 after her performances at Athinon Arena. The first single is set to be released in September-October 2009. The album will include songs off of her Greek album Apagorevmeno translated into English, as well as a song written by Alex Papaconstantinou, that is currently in negotiations for the movie Sex and the City 2.

Dave Stewart confirmed a soon to be released duet via his Twitter page that he recorded with Vissi titled "Leap of Faith". He showed a photograph he took of her at Malibu Beach, California, and another romantically themed photo of both of them, tying in with the style of the duet which is a love song.[11]


In mid-2008, a video of Vissi in the studio leaked along with six new songs. It has now appeared that those songs will not make the final cut, as Vissi recorded new songs.


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