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Studio album by Sakis Rouvas
Released 2009
Recorded 2008–present
Genre Pop, pop rock, dance-pop, urban
Label Minos EMI
Producer Dimitris Kontopoulos
Sakis Rouvas chronology
Untitled English Album

Greek pop rock singer Sakis Rouvas has announced plans to release an English-language album following his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 on May 14 and May 16, representing Greece with the song "This Is Our Night". The album will be released in Greece and Cyprus, with releases all over Europe also planned.[1] The album will be Rouvas' thirteenth studio album and will also be Rouvas' first full English-language album and second album to be released to the European market, following Ola Kala in 2002.


Album information


Production history

The actual preparation of the album started towards the last quarter of 2008 when the three candidate songs to represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 were still in the first phases of production. However, Rouvas mentioned that a few of the songs on the album are English translations of some of his most successful recent hits of the past couple of years. The album is still in production, and all of the tracks have not yet been confirmed, while the confirmed works so far have all been produced in Greece.

While Rouvas had previously recorded and released a number of English songs to international markets, this album marks Rouvas' first album to be composed fully of English-language material, as 2002's Ola Kala was produced with a mix of English and Greek songs, varying depending on the markets. This album will also be his first widely internationally distributed album in six years. While physical preparations for this album did not begin until the end of 2008, the actual album release itself has been a project that Rouvas has been working on for over five years, as it was originally expected that after his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, he would go to his residence in Paris, France to record his second international album.[2] However, these plans were never realized and instead, Rouvas' debut international album Ola Kala was re-released in many parts of Europe in 2004 to contain his Eurovision entry "Shake It" as well as other songs from his Greek album To Hrono Stamatao.

Producers and collaborators

Dimitris Kontopoulos will be the main producer of the album, as he was with Rouvas' previous studio album Irthes. Kontopoulos has been the only composer named until now, however, a number of international lyricists have already been confirmed to be collaborators of the album. The lyrics to the Greek entry "This Is Our Night" as well as the song that came second in the national final, "Right on Time", were written by two successful Greek Australian songwriters, Craig Porteils, and Cameron Giles-Webb. The former is a composer, lyricist, record producer, and guitarist who has produced hits for Cher, Tevin Campbell, Billy Idol, Guns N' Roses, Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac, Terence Trent D'arby, Richie Sambora, and Ozzy Osbourne and worked in the United States for the majority of the 1990s,[3] while the latter is a record producer who is the president of Gusto Music in Melbourne, Australia.[4] The third-placed song of the national final, "Out of Control", was written by Alexandra Zakka who is an upcoming songwriter who speaks five languages and had previously never received the opportunity to write lyrics professionally.[5] One further international name is Russian lyricist Karen Kavaleryan, who wrote the English lyrics to the song "Keep On Moving", and is widely associated with having written a number of entries for the Eurovision Song Contest, including Dima Bilan's second-placed 2006 entry, and Ani Lorak's second-placed 2008 entry.

Musical style, themes and lyrical content

Rouvas announced that the album would be produced entirely in English and like the majority of his work, will not incorporate any Greek music elements at all. He described the album to have a very modern, international feel.[1] There is a strong mix of genres incorporated thus far, with notable elements of R&B, rock, electropop, and urban, however, the overall concept of the album will be that of beat-heavy, pop and dance songs that are mid-tempo to up-tempo in timbre, similar to his previous album.

Confirmed tracks

Five tracks from the album have been confirmed by Rouvas himself.[1]

Title Composer(s) Lyricist(s) Time
"This Is Our Night" Dimitris Kontopoulos Craig Porteils, Cameron Giles-Webb 2:59
"Right on Time" Dimitris Kontopoulos Craig Porteils, Cameron Giles-Webb 3:05
"Out of Control" Dimitris Kontopoulos Alexandra Zakka 3:01
"Keep on Moving" Dimitris Kontopoulos Karen Kavaleryan 3:53
"Ola Gyro Sou Gyrizoun" (English Version) Dimitris Kontopoulos TBA 3:39


"This Is Our Night"

The lead single from the album is "This Is Our Night". The song debuted at number one on the Greek iTunes chart from the first day of its release[6], and has already reached number one on the Greek Singles Chart, while having peaked at number 4 on the airplay chart thus far. The music video of the song premiered exclusively on the official ERT Eurovision site, Eurovision.ert.gr, and the networks' secondary channel, NET on March 12 at 20:00, as well as ERT World for international audiences.[7] It was directed by the famous Ukrainian director Katya Tsarik, who also directed the music video for popular singer Ani Lorak's 2008 entry "Shady Lady".[7]

Release history

Region Date Label Format
Greece ΤΒR Minos EMI CD
TBR Digital download
Cyprus TBR CD
TBR Digital download
Europe TBR CD
TBR Digital download


"This Is Our Night" Promotional Tour

Prior to the release of the album, Rouvas embarked on an extensive promo tour in order to promote the song "This Is Our Night" across Europe prior to the Eurovision, which resulted in a success. He kicked off his tour in Bosnia and Herzigovina, which was then followed by stops in Serbia, Russia, Cyprus, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine, again to Russia, then Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey, finally wrapping up in Spain.

European Tour

In Greece's press conference following Rouvas' first rehearsal for the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow on May 6, Rouvas revealed to international reporters and news networks that he plans to do a large tour throughout Europe following his participation, regardless of his result in the actual contest.[1]


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