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Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
Developer(s) Sony Online Entertainment
Publisher(s) Sony Online Entertainment
Aspect ratio 720p (HDTV)
480p (EDTV)
480i (SDTV)
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
Release date(s) NA November 15, 2006
EU May 4, 2007
Genre(s) Hack and slash
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: Teen
Media Blu-ray Disc
Input methods SIXAXIS

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom is a video game for the PlayStation 3 system, released on November 17, 2006. The game was a PS3 launch title and is a hack and slash with RPG elements. It is the third game in the Untold Legends series, and the first for the PlayStation 3.



In Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom there are three classes of fighters that the user chooses at the start of the adventure - The Warrior, who mainly uses strong melee attacks with a huge hammer, The Mage, who uses a combination of ranged magical attacks and close range strikes with his staff, and The Scout, who is the agile alternative of a warrior, landing multiple strikes in quick succession with her daggers. This selection of class is unchangeable throughout the game when playing as this character.

When leveling up, the character is given predetermined additions to all attributes, and 2 extra points that can be added freely to any of these attributes. A skill point is also rewarded, which can be put into useful techniques that are dependent on each class, relative to the level requirements to learn these skills.

Gameplay consists of button mashing through hordes of enemies and bosses, without too much strategy involved.

The game is playable by 1-2 players on the same screen. Online play for up to four players is provided via the Playstation Network.


After serving the King loyally for years in foreign conflicts, an elite unit of knights return home to find it a changed place. Appalled by the discovery that dark magic has corrupted their kingdom and that the King now plans to use them against their own people, the knights devise a plan to assassinate the malevolent ruler. When the attempt on the King's life is foiled, the would-be assassins barely escape and are on the run from an army they once served, the assassins must survive in a kingdom they no longer recognize.


Golan Kor: The warrior of the group. He is the strongest of the three characters, using a giant hammer/axe to fight. As the warrior, he has high physical strength but low magic power. Malakesh: The mage of the group. He is the smartest and most magically adapt of the group. He uses a staff to fight. As the mage, he has low physical strength but high magic power. Zala: The scout of the group, and the fastest of the three characters. She uses twin blades to fight. As the scout, she has medium physical strength and medium magic power.


Publication Score
6.5 out of 10[1]
Game Informer
8.25 out of 10[2]
3 out of 5[3]
6 out of 10[4]
Official Playstation Magazine
5 out of 10[5]
Compilations of Multiple Reviews
Compiler Score
58 of 100 (based on 39 reviews)[6]

Many critics have praised the game's hack and slash system which is easy to pick up for most gamers and the ability to play as three characters. Criticism of the game came from its repetitive gameplay and lack of other elements.

Box art

On September 8, released the box art for the game which also happened to be the first glimpse of what box art will look like for the PS3.

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