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Haut Sénégal et Niger
Upper Senegal and Niger
French colony




Capital Bamako
Language(s) French
Political structure Colony
 - Established 1904
 - Disestablished 1922
Currency French West African franc

Upper Senegal and Niger (French: Haut Sénégal et Niger) was a colony in French West Africa created in 1904 from Senegambia and Niger. Niger became a separate military district in 1911 and a separate colony in 1922, Upper Volta was split off in 1919, and the remainder reorganized as French Sudan in 1920. The capital was Bamako.

1-centime value of the camel and rider design, used in June 1914

The colony is perhaps remembered most often by philatelists, since it issued a number of postage stamps during its short existence. See main article, Postage stamps and postal history of Upper Senegal and Niger.


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