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Upplands Runinskrift 871.jpg
Name Uppland Runic Inscription 871
Rundata ID U 871
Country Sweden
Region Uppland
City/Village Originally Ölsta, currently located at Skansen, Stockholm
Produced twelfth century
Runemaster Åsmund Kåresson

Text - Native
Old Norse : Biorn, AuðulfR, Gunnarr, Holmdis [let]u re[tt]a stæin þenna æftiR Ulf, GinnlaugaR boanda. En Asmundr hio.
Text - English
Björn, Ödulv, Gunnar, Holmdis raised this stone for Ulv, Ginnlögs husband.
And Åsmund chiseled
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This runestone is originally from Ölsta, a village in the county of Uppland in Sweden.

It is believed that this stone remained in its original place until 1896. The spot was close to the Eriksgata, the road that the king travelled after having been elected at the Stone of Mora, in order to be accepted by his subjects.

The stone was sold for 50 Swedish kronor in 1896 to the founder of Skansen, Artur Hazelius. It remains at Skansen to this day.

In 1991, the Swedish Rune authority had the stone colorized as an experiment to see how well it protects the stone from moss and the weather. It is believed that the colorization of the stone will protect this stone for at least 50 years to come.

Detail from the U 871 runestone.


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