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Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru
(Uragiri ha Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru)
Genre Adventure, Fantasy
Author Odagiri Hotaru
Publisher Japan Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Monthly Asuka
Original run October 2005 – ongoing
Volumes 7
TV anime
Director Katsushi Sakurabi
Composer Shōgo Kaida
Studio J.C.Staff
Network Chiba TV
Original run April, 2010 – ongoing
Episodes 12
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Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru (裏切りは僕の名前を知っている Betrayal Knows My Name?), also known as UraBoku, is the title of a Shōjo manga by Odagiri Hotaru. It premiered in the Shōjo magazine Monthly Asuka in October 2005. An anime adaptations will begin in April, 2010 on Chiba TV.



Sakurai Yuki is a mysterious boy with a mysterious power. Right after he was born, his mother left him near an orphanage, and he was later found. Because of that event, Yuki strives for independence. He hates being a burden to anyone near him, but at the same time, he is afraid of being left alone. Moreover, ever since he can remember he had a strange ability where when he touches others, he can feel their emotion. Unable to control it, he often made insensitive blunders in the past. He later meets with a mysterious yet beautiful man who saves his life, but somehow he feels so nostalgic, like he's met him before. While death threats and his ability increasing, a man who claimed to be his older brother suddenly appears, so what will Yuki do when he learns the truth?



Yuki Sakurai (Giou) (桜井(祗王)夕月 Sakurai (Giō) Yuki?)
Voiced by: Hoshi Souichirou

The bearer of Kami no Hikari (神の光 (The Light of God)?) or "God's Source". The main protagonist, as well as a freshmen in high school. He was abandoned by his mother right after he was born and has been living in Asahi Orphanage. Sometimes, when he touches someone, he's able to read that persons emotions. It caused him to suffered greatly, but he has unexpectedly grown into an unyielding individual. He didn't have any recolection of his past life, but he feels an odd nostalgia for Luka, and he ends up relying on him. After he leaves the orphanage, he's been referred to as "Giou Yuki".

Zess (Luka Crosszeria) (ゼス(ルカ=クロスゼリア) Zesu (Ruka Kurosuzeria)?)
Voiced by: Sakurai Takahiro

A young man with silver eyes and black hair who's been protecting Yuki ever since his birth 15 years ago from shadows. Despite being a duras (a.k.a demon), he's currently acting on Giou Clan side. Though his real age is unknown, his appearance look like that of a college student. Normally reserved and indifferent, his facial expressions softens when he's with Yuki. It was during the last war that he changed side to the Giou Clan, as he apparently made a binding "contract" with Yuki.

Zweilt Guardian

Tsukumo Murasame (叢雨九十九 Murasame Tsukumo?)
Voiced by: Fukuyama Jun
Touko Murasame (叢雨十瑚 Murasame Tōko?)
Voiced by: Inoue Marina
Hotsuma Renjou (蓮城焔椎真 Renjyou Hotsuma?)
Voiced by: Ono Daisuke
Shuusei Usui (碓氷愁生 Usui Shusei?)
Voiced by: Miyano Mamoru
Kuroto Hourai (蓬莱 黒刀 Hourai Kuroto?)
Voiced by: Kamiya Hiroshi
Senshirou Furuori (降織 千紫郎 Furuori Senshirou ?)
Voiced by: Hino Satoshi

Giou Clan

Takashiro Giou (祇王 天白 Giou Takashiro?)
Voiced by: Koyasu Takehito
Tachibana Giou (祇王 橘 Giou Tachibana?)
Voiced by: Miki Shinichirou
Isuzu Fujiwara (藤原 彌涼 Fujiwara Isuzu?)
Voiced by: Narita Ken


Wakamiya Kanata (若宮奏多 Kanata Wakamiya?)
Voiced by: Ishida Akira
Yuki (Previous Life) (ユキ(前世)?)
Voiced by: Yukana
Ibuki Shikibe (式部 為吹 Shikibe Ibuki?)
Voiced by: Yuri Amano
Tsubaki Shikibe (式部 椿姫 ShikibeTsubaki?)
Voiced by: Hōko Kuwashima
Fuyutoki Kureha (呉羽 冬解 Kureha Fuyutoki?)
Voiced by: Kenji Hamada
Aya Kureha (呉羽 綾 Kureha Aya?)
Voiced by: Sayuri Yahagi
Katsumi Tooma (遠間 克己 Tooma Katsumi?)
Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto
Masamune Shinmei (神命 正宗 Shinmei Masamune ?)
Voiced by: Shintarō Asanuma



Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru began running through Shōjo magazine Monthly Asuka in October 2005. The first volume was published by Kadokawa Shoten in July 2006. As of October 2009 six volumes have been released.[1] German publisher Carlsen Comics has licensed the series as Fesseln des Verrats. As of October 2009 five volumes have been released.[2]

Drama CD


An announcement was made that an anime adaption would be made. It was officially announced in Monthly Asuka 2009 October issue.[3]


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