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An urea transporter is a membrane transport protein, transporting urea.


Urea Transporter A1

Urea transporter A1 transports urea across the apical membrane into the intracellular space of luminal cells in the inner medullary collecting duct of the kidneys. UT-1 is activated by ADH, but is a passive transporter. It reabsorbs up to 40% of the original filtered load of urea. [1 ]

Urea Transporter A2

Urea Transporter 2 transports urea across the apical membrane into the luminal space of cells in the thin descending loop of Henle of the kidneys.[1 ]

Urea Transporter A3

Urea transporter 3 transports urea into the interstitium of the Inner Medullary Collecting Duct.[2]

Urea Transporter A4

Urea transporter 4 has been detected in rat but not mouse kidney medulla.[2]

Urea Transporter A5

Urea transporter 5 is not expressed in the kidney but in the testis.[2]

Urea Transporter B

UT-B is expressed in the basolateral and apical regions of the descending Vasa recta.[1 ]


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