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Panoramic view of Urkiola summits, from left to right: Anboto, Alluitz, Aitz Txiki, Untxillaitz.
Unzillaitz with Oiz in the background.

Urkiola is a mountain range of the Basque mountains in Biscay near Durango, in the western Basque Country,Spain. The range's highest mountain is Anboto (1331 m). The range runs from west to east and forms the water divide of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean basins.

It is formed by several limestone massifs, from west to east:

  • Sierra de Aramotz (800 m)
  • Ezkubaratz (1010 m)
  • Mugarra (980 m)

At this point of the range the Urkiolamendi pass breaks through it at a height of 711 m, where a Sanctuary was built.

To the south of the limestone peaks are two round shaped mounts, called Saibigain and Urkiolamendi (1011 m).

The entire area is enclosed in the Urkiola Natural Park, created by the Basque Government to preserve this rich natural area, often known as Little Switzerland. The closeness to Bilbao and easy access through Urkiolamendi pass attract many tourists and hikers all year round.

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Panorama of Urkiola from Saibigain. From left to right: Eskubaratz,Mugarra, Untxillaitz, Aitz Txiki, Alluitz, Anboto crest, Anboto. On the background: to the left, Ganekogorta, in the middle Oiz.


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