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Urogenital folds
Gray's subject #252 1206
Precursor Intermediate mesoderm
Gives rise to labia minora, spongy urethra, perineal raphe, penis

The urogenital folds (or urogenital ridges, or urethral folds) are an embryological structure which give rise to a portion of the external genitalia.



It differentiates into two structures: [1]



In the male, failure of the urogenital folds to fuse during development leads to a condition known as hypospadias.

Obsolete meanings

Section of the fold in the mesonephros of a chick embryo of the fourth day. This can also be called urogenital fold, but shouldn't be confused with the main meaning.

Less commonly, urogenital fold refers to the fold in the mesonephros which is the precursor of e.g. the suspensory ligament of the ovary[3]. This is the case in older versions of Gray's anatomy. See development of the urinary and reproductive organs, particularly the "The Mesonephros, Müllerian Duct, and Genital Gland" section for this meaning.

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