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Utah's 2nd congressional district
UT02 109.gif
Current Representative Jim Matheson (D)
Population (2000) 744,389
Median income $45,583
Ethnicity 90.8% White, 0.6% Black, 1.6% Asian, 5.9% Hispanic, 2.3% Native American, 0.5% other
Cook PVI R+15

Utah 2nd Congressional District currently serves the largely rural southern and eastern portions of Utah, including Saint George and Moab in the south and Vernal in the east, as well as the east side of urban Salt Lake County, the northern portion of Utah County, and Wasatch County. The current Representative is Democrat Jim Matheson. Even though Republican presidential candidates carry the district by large margins, Matheson's conservative stances keep him in office.

In 2008, Matheson won re-election against Republican Challenger Bill Dew, with a vote percentage of 63.27% to Bill Dew's 34.6%.

List of Representatives

District borders are periodically redrawn and some district residences may no longer be in the current 2nd district.

Name Party Took office Left office District Residence Note
Jacob Johnson Republican 1913 1915
James Henry Mays Democratic 1915 1921
Elmer O. Leatherwood Republican 1921 1929
Frederick C. Loofbourow Republican 1930 1933
J. W. Robinson Democratic 1933 1947
William A. Dawson Republican 1947 1949
Reva Beck Bosone Democratic 1949 1953
William A. Dawson Republican 1953 1959
David S. King Democratic 1959 1963
Sherman P. Lloyd Republican 1963 1965
David S. King Democratic 1965 1967
Sherman P. Lloyd Republican 1967 1973
Wayne Owens Democratic 1973 1975
Allan Turner Howe Democratic 1975 1977
David Daniel Marriott Republican 1977 1985
David Smith Monson Republican 1985 1987
Wayne Owens Democratic 1987 1993
Karen Shepherd Democratic 1993 1995
Enid Greene Republican 1995 1997
Merrill Cook Republican 1997 2001
Jim Matheson Democratic 2001 present



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