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Utin Jääkärirykmentti
UtJR flag.gif
Colours of the Utti Jaeger Regiment
Active 1st July 1943 –30th November 1944: Erillinen Pataljoona 4 (Separate Battallion 4)
1st February 1962–1st January 1997: Laskuvarjojääkärikoulu (Parachute Jaeger School)
1 January 1997 – : Utin Jääkärirykmentti[1][2][3]
Country Finland
Branch Finnish Army seal Finnish Army
Role Special Forces
Army aviation
Military Police
Size 300 career personnel, 200 conscripts
Part of Directly under Finnish Army Headquarters
Garrison Utti, Kouvola
Unit insignia UTJR joukko-osastotunnus.gif
Cross of merit of the unit UTJR joukko-osastoristi.gif
Aircraft flown
Transport Mil Mi-8 (2, as of 2008)
Hughes MD-500 (8)
NHI NH90 (5, as of December 2008. The remaining 15 helicopters will be delivered during the next few years)

The Utti Jaeger Regiment (Finnish: Utin Jääkärirykmentti, UtJR) is the Finnish Army training and development centre for special forces and helicopter operations. It consists of about 500 personnel of which about 200 are conscripts.


  • Helicopter Battalion (Mi-8, NH-90, Hughes MD-500)
  • Airborne Jaeger Battalion, responsible for all helicopter operations of the FDF
  • Special Jaeger Battalion
  • Support Company

Special forces

The Special Jaeger Battalion trains special forces for the Finnish Army.[4] Conscripts are trained in both long range recon, Sissi, MOUT and Air Assault operations. The Battalion includes an Airborne Jaeger Company for the training of conscripts, a Special Jaeger Company consisting of enlisted personnel who have a reserve officer or NCO training, and Military Police School, responsible for the training of career military police personnel of the Finnish Defence Forces.

The Finnish special forces trace their history to the four long-range patrol units (Kaukopartio-osastot) of the 4th Detached Battalion (Erillinen Pataljoona 4) which fought in the Continuation War.

The Special Forces from the Utti Jaeger Battalion.


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