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Vagur on Faroe map.png Porkeri.2..jpg
Island Suðuroy
Municipality Vágs kommuna
Danish name Våg
Phonetic transcription 'Våavur
Population 1371 (2009)
Postal code FO 900
mayor Kirsten Strøm Bech
Homepage Official homepage
Coordinates 61°33′21″N 6°48′12″W

Vágur meaning Bay is a town on the Faroe Islands of Suðuroy, it is situated on the east coast of the island on the Vágsfjørður fjord, and dates from the fourteenth century. Expansion has meant that the nearby town of Nes is now a suburb of Vágur. Vágur has a sports hall next to the football grounds on Eiðinum, near Vágseiði, a swimmingpool by the school and a clinic which offers the services of doctors, nurses and dentists. There is also a hotel, Post Office, one bank and various shops.

The port area, which is 14 m in depth, is situated on the northern part of the fjord. The port authorities can offer services of piloting (lods), water and fire-fighting, and in connection with the harbour there is a modern fish factory and auctioneers for fish. Salmon farming is also a part of the fish industry in Vágur, this includes salmon farm rings on the fjord and in other places near the east coast of Suðuroy and a salmon factory. The town has a slipway, a fleet of fishing vessels and a filleting factory.


The First Hydro-Electric Power Plant in Faroe Islands

The first hydroelectric power station in the Faroe Islands was built in Botni north west of Vágur in 1921. It is now supplemented by a modern diesel power station on the south side of the fjord.

Nólsoyar Páll Memorial

There is a memorial near the main road through Vágur commemorating the efforts of Nólsoyar Páll, the nineteenth-century Faroese hero, poet and genius. He believed that the monopoly trading scheme was seriously restricting the economic potential of the Faroe Islands and set about organising opposition and resistance to it. Although he failed to abolish the monopolies, his actions were the start of a process which eventually led to the abolition of monopoly trading in 1856.[1]


Typical dramatic light scenery in the Faroe Islands: The town of Vágur, winter 2004
Church of Vágur on Suðuroy

The tourist attractions indclude a wide variety of excursions during the summer. Amongst other things on offer is a boat trip on the old fishing boat, Jóhanna TG 326, west around the island to an area where birds flock and nest by the thousand, close to the world's steepest cliff, Beinisvørð.

Hiking trips are arranged every summer by the Tourist Information.

There is a Ruth Smith Art Gallery in Vágur. It doesn't have regular opening hours, but there are phone number which visitors can call to. The Ruth Smith Art Gallery is situated in the western part of the village of Vágur in a yellow building on the mainstreet Vágsvegur 101.

For visitors arriving by boat, Vágur is situated 61° 21' north and 06° 49' west.

Vágseiði and Eggjarnar are beautiful spots near Vágur, which are worth visiting.


Eggjarnar is high up in the mountains south west of Vágur, a road leads all the way up there, because a Loran C station was built there during World War II. The view to the vertical cliffs of the west coast is breathtaking from Eggjarnar.


Vágseiði is even easier to reach than Eggjarnar, just continue towards west along the main street Vágsvegur, which changes its name to Eiðisvegur further west. Than comes the lake Vatnið and after that comes the sports hall Vágshøll, VB húsið and the football field. Just a few meters further west is Vágseiði, which used to be used as a second harbor for the men of Vágur, when the wind came from east and the eastern harbor could not be used. Vágseiði has also been used to dump garbage into the sea, but that stopped many years ago. Now all garbage is gathered and burnt by IRF.


Vágur had a football club, which was called VB, it was founded in 1905. In 2005 VB merged with Sumba ÍF to VB/Sumba and in 2010 they founded a new football club, which is called FC Suðuroy. But VB is not completely history yet, the VB women still play handball using the name VB. VB is short for Vágs Bóltfelag.

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Vágur is a town on Suðuroy.

Get in

Vágur is situated in the southern part of the island Suðuroy, between the villages Porkeri and Lopra. It is situated on the east coast, but the west coast is not far away, only around 1 km from where the town ends. You can travel to Vágur by car or by bus (line 700), but first you must travel to Suðuroy either with the ferry Smyril (2-3 times daily) or by the helicopter (2-3 times a week). There is a new road tunnel between Øravík and Hov, it has made travelling in Suðuroy much easier and faster. Now it takes only around 15 minutes from Tvøroyri to Vágur and the road has two lanes all the way. The old road between Øravík and Hov is worth to take, if one comes by car and has enough of time.

Get around

The best way to get around in Vágur is by feet or by car. One can walk around in the town and visit museums or shops or just have a look at local life. The main road is called Vágsvegur. The first road you come to when arriving to Vágur is Marknoyrarvegur, the road then splits into two, the left one is the main road Vágsvegur and the road to the right is Toftavegur. Vágsvegur continues all the way to the end of the fjord, where it splits into two, one road goes straight ahead to the west coast and the road changes its name at some point to Eiðisvegur, and the other road follows the curve of the fjord and continues the the southern villages Lopra and Sumba, the name of the road along the southern side of the fjord is Líðarvegur. If you wish to visit a breathtaking viewpoint just south of Vágur in a place called Eggjarvegur, than you should look out for a narrow side road to Líðarvegur, which is called Eggjarvegur. It is just a few hundred metres after the Magn petrol station, turn right. The road has a few curves and it is narrow, but there is not much traffic and the view towards Beinisvørð is fantastic up there. The road stops only around 20 metres from the edge, which goes vetically down to the North Atlantic Ocean.

  • Ruth Smith Art Museum (Ruth Smith Savnið), Vágsvegur 101 (In the western part of the village next to the DJ Vilhelm supermarket.), +298 597368, [1]. By appointment. Ruth Smith (1913-1958) was born in Vágur and grew up here too. Later she moved to Denmark, where she studied art. She is famous in several countries. In the museum you can see art works by Ruth Smith. 30 DKK.  edit

The nature around Vágur is beautiful and breathtaking. One of the places, which are werth visiting is Vágseiði on the west coast, only around 1 km west of the village. Just follow the main road and drive or walk strait ahead in stead of following the bay. The road goes all the way to Vágseiði, a rocky place where the sea often is rough. There is an old harbor there, which only occasionally is used now, but in the old days it was very important for the fishing boats. They were rowing out from this harbor, when the wind came from the east, north-east or south-east. There used to be many boat houses, but they were blown away in the hurricanes in the eighties and the nineties.

  • Broadway Bowling Centre (Bowlinghøllin), Bryggjan 4 (In the harbor in the centre of the town.), +298 374999, [2]. The Broadway Bowling Centre is the only bowling centre in Suðuroy. There are also pool and air hockey tables in the bowling center and a restaurant with permission to serve wine and beer.  edit
  • Torgið - Shopping Centre in Suðuroy (Torgið - Handilsstaðið í Suðuroy), Vágsvegur 62 (In the center of the town on the main road, opposite of a shipyard, a few 100 metres west of the church..), +298 612096. This is the only shopping center in the island Suðuroy. There are two floors with a few shops, on the ground floor there is: a Samkeyp supermarket, a shop with sweets and bakeries and a café. The tables are in the hall, you can buy coffee and cakes from the shop to the right on the ground floor. There are also toilets on the ground floor. On the second floor there are two-three shops, where you can buy: Homeware, Glassware, Kitchen Accessories, Bathroom Accessories, clothing, Sirri (Faroese design, wool wear).  edit
  • Bakkin Restaurant and Pizzeria, Vágsvegur 69 (On the mainroad in the center of the town.), +298 373961. Restaurant Bakkin is situated on the Hotel Bakkin. The restaurant is normally open in the evening from 17-22 and sometimes also at noon for 1 hour (12-13). In the evening you can order fish and chips, pizza, steak etc.  edit
  • Messan Restaurant, Vágsvegur 109 (At the bottom of the fjord.), +298 374222. 12-13 and 17-22. Opening hours may be different than they were, when this was written, please check. Open at noon from 12-13 and in the evenings from 17-22. They serve steaks, fish & chips and fast food. Messan has permission to serve wine.  edit
  • Broadway Restaurant (Broadway Bovlinghøllin), Bryggjan 4 (In the harbor.), +374999, [3]. The Broadway Restaurant is in the Bowling Center. They serve mainly fastfood. The restaurant is open when the bowling center is open. In 2009 that is thursday-sunday from 17-22. Website: www.broadway.fo. E-mail: bowling@email.fo  edit
  • Bakkin Bar, Vágsvegur 69, +298 373961. The Bakkin Bar is in the Hotel Bakkin in the center of Vágur, but seperated from the Bakkin Restaurant. Nice sea view.  edit
  • Stora Pakkhus (Large Storage House) (Mentanarhúsið Stóra Pakkhús), Oyrarvegur 7, +298 373438, [4]. Stóra Pakkhús (The Large Storage House) is a cosy bar on the old harbor of Vágur, in the western part of the town. The storage house was restored a few years ago and is now a bar/café on the first floor with live music some weekends, and a maritime museum on the 2nd floor. A cultural centre.  edit
  • Hotel Bakkin, Vágsvegur 69, +298 373961. Hotel Bakkin is a small hotel/inn, which is situated in the center of Vágur. Hotel Bakkin has 10 rooms: 2 single rooms with bathroom, 2 double rooms with bathroom, 3 single rooms with shared bathroom and 3 double rooms with shared bathroom. There is a restaurant and a bar on the hotel. Sea view.  edit
  • Holiday Homes Self Catering (Kunningarstovan, Tourist Information), Vágsvegur 30 (Next to the school, near the church.), +298 733090, [5]. The Tourist Information in Vágur rent out houses (holiday homes) in the southern part of the island in the villages: Vágur, Lopra, Akrar and Sumba.  edit
  • The Scouts House (Skótahúsið í Vági), Geilin 103 (A bit difficult to find. Geilin is one of the streets which is up on the mountain side, just below the park. The street is a dead end, you must drive from east, find the street Geilin and continue towards west until the street ends.), +298 574865, [6]. The Scouts house is for groups or for individuals, who don't wish much comfort and wish to travel on a low budget. There is one large room on the ground floor and a few smaller rooms on the 1st floor, where 1-2 persons can sleep. There are no beds, only matresses. You need to bring a sleeping bag with you. There are kitchen and toilet/batroom facilities. You can also camp outside the Scouts House. 100 DKK.  edit


The Tourist Information in Vágur is on Vágsvegur 30 in the same building as the Town Hall of Vágur. Phone: +298 733090, e-mail: info@vagur.fo, website: www.visitsuduroy.fo.

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í Vági - in Vágur


  • IPA: [ˈvɔavʊr]


Old Norse vágr

Proper noun

Vágur m.

  1. town in the island of Suðuroy, meaning literally "Bay", cf. vágur


Nominative Vágur
Accusative Vág
Dative Vági
Genitive Vágs

Usage notes

  • í / úr Vági - in / from Vágur
  • til Vágs - to Vágur

Derived terms

  • vágbingur (person from Vágur)
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