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VIP (TV logo).jpg
Format Dramedy
Created by J.F. Lawton
Starring Pamela Anderson
Molly Culver
Natalie Raitano
Shaun Baker
Dustin Nguyen
Angelle Brooks
Leah Lail
Country of origin United States/Germany
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 88 (List of episodes)
Running time One hour per episode
Original channel Syndicated
Original run September 26, 1998 – May 18, 2002

V.I.P. (standing for, and also referred to as, Vallery Irons Protection) is an American syndicated television series created by J. F. Lawton that ran for four seasons from 1998 to 2002.

The series stars Pamela Anderson as Vallery Irons, a woman who accidentally saves a celebrity and then is hired by a real bodyguard agency as a famous figurehead while the rest of the agency's professionals work to solve cases. Her lack of investigation skills ends up defeating the antagonists in every episode.

The other team members are an assortment of people of different backgrounds: a former member of the KGB, CIA, FBI, a female computer expert, a karate master, a former law officer and a former street boxer.

The series uses a mixture of action, comedy, and camp, with Anderson often poking fun at her tabloid image. In November, 2001, V.I.P. (the video game) was released on the PlayStation console.



  • Pamela Anderson -- Vallery Irons, the glamorous figurehead.
  • Molly Culver -- Tasha Dexter, a former spy and model.
  • Natalie Raitano -- Nikki Franco, a weapons and explosives expert.
  • Angelle Brooks -- Maxine De La Cruz (Seasons 3-4, recurring seasons 1-2), Vallery's best friend.
  • Shaun Baker -- Quick Williams, a former boxer and martial artist.
  • Dustin Nguyen -- Johnny Loh (Seasons 3-4, recurring seasons 1-2), a karate master and stuntman.
  • Leah Lail -- Kay Simmons, a computer expert.
  • Gerry Anderson -- Relic (Recurring Character) , Undercover Detective, LAPD. Pamela Anderson's real-life brother. Character named after character from Canadian TV series "The Beachcombers" filmed in Anderson's home province of British Columbia, Canada.


The main characters' vehicles (except for Johnny Loh, who drove a motorcycle) had customized license plates with "VIP" as the first three letters, and the remaining three letters being an abbreviation of the character's first name. In seasons 1 & 2, the show's principal vehicles were provided courtesy of Ford Motor Company. In seasons 3 & 4, all characters' vehicles changed and were then provided courtesy of Daimler Chrysler.


Vehicles used

Character License Plate Seasons 1 & 2 Seasons 3 & 4
Vallery Irons VIP VAL Jaguar XK8 convertible Dodge Viper convertible
Tasha Dexter VIP TSH Lincoln Continental (s. 1) / Lincoln LS (s. 2) Mercedes-Benz CLK convertible
Nikki Franco VIP NIK Ford Mustang GT convertible Dodge Dakota quad-cab (modified)
Quick Williams VIP QWK Mazda Miata Plymouth Prowler
Kay Simmons VIP KAY Lincoln Navigator (s. 1) / Ford Expedition (s. 2) Jeep TJ (only seen in background, never seen driven)

A recurring (five episodes) minor character "EV1 Guy" drives a General Motors EV1.

DVD Release

On March 14, 2006, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released the first season of V.I.P. on DVD in Region 1. It is unknown if the remaining 3 seasons will be released at some point.[1]


1999 Primetime Emmy Outstanding Main Title Theme Music Nominated
2002 Daytime Emmy Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing Nominated
Outstanding Achievement in Makeup Nominated
Outstanding Achievement in Single Camera Editing WON


The show premiered in syndication on September 26th, 1998.[2] As of February 2009, the show can be streamed for free in the US on IMDB, Hulu, and Minisodes and full episodes are available on Crackle.


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