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Google V8 JavaScript Engine
Developer(s) Google
Stable release 2.1.4[1] / March 10, 2010; 7 day(s) ago (2010-03-10)
Written in C++
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, Android, webOS
Development status Active
Type JavaScript engine
License BSD license

The V8 JavaScript engine is an open source JavaScript engine developed by Google in Denmark and shipping with the Google Chrome browser.[2] Lars Bak is the head programmer.[3]

V8 increases performance by compiling JavaScript to native machine code before executing it, rather than to a bytecode or interpreting it. Further performance increases were achieved by employing optimization techniques such as inline caching. With these features, JavaScript applications running within V8 have an effective speed comparable to a compiled binary.[4]

V8 assembler is based on Strongtalk assembler[5].

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