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VESA Stereo
Type stereoscopic shutter glasses connector
Production history
Designer VESA
Hot pluggable Yes
External Yes
Electrical +5 V
Max. voltage 5 V
Max. current 750  mA
Data signal Yes
Pins 3
Connector Mini-DIN
Pin out
MiniDIN-3 Diagram.svg

Pins from left to right 2,3,1[1]
Pin 1 5v(p) 5v (750ma)
Pin 2 GND Ground
Pin 3 Sync[3] Stereo Sync (TTL)[2]

VESA Stereo is a LCD shutter glasses interface standard put forth by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) . The system does not drive the glasses directly, instead providing a basic signal and power to be used by other elctronics either inside the glasses or in an external unit.

Technical Details

The stereo-sync signal changes when the system is changing between portraying images for the right eye and left eye. The signal is a TTL signal where the "high" state indicates the left eye should be exposed.[4] No special software is necessarily needed to create the stereo-sync signal as it can be created from the Vertical synchronization signal being fed to the monitor (if it is using RGB component video). [5]


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