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Vagina dentata is Latin for toothed vagina. Various cultures have folk tales about women with toothed vaginas, frequently told as cautionary tales warning of the dangers of sex with strange women and to discourage the act of rape.

The concept is also of importance in classical psychoanalysis, where it is held to relate to the unconscious fears associated with castration anxiety.[citation needed]


Cultural basis

The vagina dentata appears in the myths of several cultures. Erich Neumann relays one such myth in which “a fish inhabits the vagina of the Terrible Mother; the hero is the man who overcomes the Terrible Mother, breaks the teeth out of her vagina, and so makes her into a woman.”[1]

The legend also appears in the mythology of the Chaco and Guiana  tribes. In some versions, the hero leaves one tooth.[2]

In his book, The Wimp Factor, Stephen J. Ducat expresses the view that these myths express the threat sexual intercourse poses for men who, although entering triumphantly, always leave diminished.[3]

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