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Castes of India
Vaidiki Brahmins
Classification Brahmin
Religions Hinduism
Language Telugu
Populated States Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka

Vaidiki Brahmins (Vaidika, Vaidikulu, Vaideeki) are a sect of Telugu speaking Smartha Brahmins. They are predominantly followers of Adi Shankaracharya. The term Vaidika means in accordance with Veda and Vaideeki's are people who perform various rites and rituals in strict accordance with the Vedas.

Vaideeki brahmins are mostly found in Andhra Pradesh. There are some families in other parts of the country, and they are said to have migrated from Andhrapradesh.



Vaideeki Brahmins in olden days are predominantly involved in performance of rituals as per Vaidka Dharma. They are mainly priests in temples, Courts of Kings, etc. They perform different rituals like Pooja's in temples, houses; Marriages, Upanayana or Thread Ceremony, Namakaranam/Baarasala/Naming Ceremony, rituals that need to be performed after the death of a person. They have to strictly follow certain rules for performing poojas at temples, houses and also death related rituals.

These people were heavily involved in performing Yagna Yagas in olden days. Due to the decrease in abundance of Yagna Dravyas, as well change in lifestyle of people reduced the number of Yagnas. Moreover, these Yagnas are very elaborate and time consuming.

The poojas performed by Vaideeki's are mostly in strict adherence to the Panchayatana Pooja Paddhati/Vidhi, as laid down by Adi Sankara; which includes: Ganapathi, Shiva, Shakthi, Vishnu and Surya.


The various sub-sects among Vaidiki Brahmins are:

  • Velanadu
  • Telaganyulu
  • Mulakanadu
  • Kasalnadu
  • Veginadu
  • Karanakammalu( People of this sub-sect are from Ongole,Nellore region in AP)
  • Murikinadu

Alternate Spellings

  • Vaidiki
  • Vaideeki

Rigvedic and YajurVedic

Vaideeki Brahmins can be said to be Rigvedic or Yajurvedic based on the Vedic traditions that are followed.

Rigvedics are those people who do not invoke the God of Fire, Agni for many rituals. It is said that RigVedic brahmins possess fire in their palms. The traditions followed by RigVedics are as described in Rigveda. Yajurvedics invoke the God of Fire, Agni for all the Rituals. The traditions followed by Yajurvedics are as per Krishna Yajurveda

The marriage style also varies between RigVedics and YajurVedics. For the former marriages, the thread used for Mangalsutra is woven by 7 pairs of couples standing around the bride and groom, amidst vedic chants. This thread is then used in the marriage. Also, the event Mangalsutra dhaarana is preceded by Talambralu. In YajurVedics, the priest makes the thread for Mangalsutra, and Mangalsutra Dhaarana is succeeded by Tamlabralu.

The thread ceremony, Upanayanam, also varies between these two traditions.


Traditionally, the lineage of a family with a surname is defined by the surname as well as gothra. Though it is common for families to have single gothra, there are multiple instances where a surname would be associated with multiple gothras. Some times the same Gothra could be having different Pravara.

It need not be a necessity that families with same surname are related. For example, We have Bhagavatula families, from different regions of the state, with different gothras. Each of these is identified distinctly using the place where they originally hailed from. Hence, there are Bhagavatulas of Kolluru with Sandilyasa Gothra, Bhagavatulas of Visakhapatnam with Vadulasa Gothra, etc. And, they are not related to each other.

There are also instances where in a surname would change along with time. Bhagavatulas of Kolluru were a branch of Garimellas. They acquired the name for the practices followed by one certain individual long back. Similarly, families that perform Vajapeya Yagam get the name Vajpeyayajula / Vajapeyajula / Vajipeyajula/Vajapey. And these families have a different surname earlier, and they may have the same gothra or a different one.

Veginadu Brahmin Surnames

Family Name Gothra Gothra Gothra Gothra Gothra Gothra
Adhikarla Kasyapasa
Bhamidi Bharadwajasa
Bontha Atreyasa
Bhyri Koundinyasa
Cheemalapati / Chimalapati Haritasa
Dusi Koundinyasa
Govindavajjula Bharadwajasa
Govindu Kasyapasa Atreyasa
Manda Bharadwajasa
Mandapaka Parasarasa
Mukkamala Bharadwajasa
Nemana Koundinyasa
Nimmagadda Haritasa
Peddinti Srivatsasa
Saraswathula Koundinyasa
Susarla Haritasa
Tata Lohitasa
Upadhrista / Wupadhrista / Opadhrista Kaundinyasa
Yellapantula Atreyasa Vedala

Velanadu Brahmin surnames

Family Name Gothra Gothra Gothra Gothra Gothra Gothra
Addepalli/అద్దేపల్లి Kasyapasa
Adusumalli/అడుసుమల్లి Harithasa
Akkavajhula/అక్కావఝ్ఝుల Srivatsasa
Akella/ఆకెళ్ళ Harithasa
Akkina/అక్కిన Bharadwajasa
Alapati Harithasa
Ambatipudi/అంబటిపూడి Kousikasa
Annangi Kousikasa
Bethanabhatla/బేతనభట్ల Kousikasa
Bhagavatula/భాగవతుల Kousikasa Sandilyasa Vadulasa Koundinyasa Kasyapasa Harithasa
Bhallamudi Sandilyasa
Bharathula Srivatsasa
Bhamidi Atreyasa
Bhamidipati/భమిడిపాటి Gouthamasa Sandilyasa
Bhagi Sandilyasa
Bodupalli Maritasa
Bulusu/బులుసు Gouthamasa
Burra/బుర్రా Lohithasa
Challa/చల్లా Koundinyasa
Chatra Kutsasa
Chaturvedula/చతుర్వేదుల Kasyapasa
Chavali/చావలి Kousikasa Bharadwajasa Koundinyasa
Chebrolu/Chembrolu Koundinyasa
Chelluri Koundinyasa
Chemitiganti/చెమిటిగంటి Sandilyasa
Cherukuri Kasyapasa
Cherukupalli Srivatsa
Cheruvu/చెరువు Bharadwajasa
Chilla [Srivatsasa]
Chilukuri Harithasa Parasarasa
Chintalapati/చింతలపాటి Bharadwajasa Harithasa
Chitta/చిట్టా Kasyapasa
Chittavarjula Parasara
Chivukula/చివుకుల Bharadwajasa
Dandibhatla Harithasa
Dantu Koundinyasa
Darbha Harithasa
Darvemula Bharadwajasa
Dasika/ Swatantrakapisa
Dendukoori/దెందుకూరి Yaksasa
Devarakonda/దేవరకొండ Harithasa
Devulapalli Koundinyasa
Dhara/ధారా Koundinayasa
Dhulipala Kousikasa Koundinyasa
Divakaruni/దివాకరుణి Ambareesha Harithasa
Divakarla/దివాకర్ల Harithasa
Dronavajjala Harithasa
Duvvuri/దువ్వూరి Atreyasa
Eemani/ఈమని Harithasa Gouthamasa
Eevani Bharadwajasa
Eleswarapu Kousikasa
Eranki Vasishtasa
Eswara Harithasa
Evani Gouthamasa
Gadepalli Bharadwajasa
Gandikota Bharadwajasa
Gandlur/Gandluri Bharadwajasa
Ganduri Kousikasa
Garikipati/గరికపాటి Kousikasa
Garimella/గరిమెళ్ళ Sandilyasa
Ghandikota Bharadwajasa
Gollapalli Athreyasa
Gollapudi/గొల్లపూడి Koundinyasa
Gonella Yaskasa
Gorthy Koundinyasa
Gullapalli Lohithasa
Gundepudi Bharadwajasa
Gunturu/గుంటూరు Srivatsasa
Gunturi/గుంటూరి Bharadwajasa Srivatsasa
Hari Gouthamasa Vadulasa Sandilyasa
Hemadri Gargeyasa
Hotha Sandilyasa
Jagarlapudi Koundinyasa
Jammalamadaka/జమ్మలమడక Koundinyasa
Jakkinapalli Harithasa
Janapati Harithasa
Jandhyala Bharadwajasa
Jandhyala/జంధ్యాల Sandilyasa
Jayanti/జయంతి Kousikasa Gargeyasa Koundinyasa
Jonnalagadda/జొన్నలగడ్డ Harithasa Kaundinyasa
Jonnavithula Bharadwajasa
Josyula Kasyapasa
Kanduri Kutsasa
Kaja/కాజ Koundinyasa
Kalaa/కళా Bharadwajasa
Kalaga Harithasa
Kalamchety Harithasa
Kalluri/కల్లూరి Koundinyasa
Kambhampati/కంభంపాటి Sandilyasa
Kanchibhotla Srivatsasa
Kannepalli Gouthamasa
Kantheti Bharadwajasa
Kappagantula/కప్పగంతుల Kasyapasa Kousikasa
Kasibhatla Kousikasa
Koduru Baadarayanasa
Kolachala Kamakayanasa Viswamitra
Kolluri Koundinyasa
Kommu Kasyapasa
Kompella Kasyapasa
Kompelli Kasyapasa
Kondubhatla Kousikasa
Konduri Harithasa Sandilyasa
Kota Bharadwajasa Koundinyasa
Kowtha/కౌతా Kasyapasa
Kuchibhotla Srivatsasa
Kumbhampati Koundinyasa
Kunapuli Bharadwajasa
Kuppa/కుప్పా Koundinyasa
Kuruganty/కురుగంటి Harithasa
Lanka/లంకా Koundinyasa Kasyapasa
Lolla/లొల్ల Harithasa Koundinyasa
Madduri/మద్దూరి Harithasa Kasyapasa
Madhira Atreyasa
Maganti Kutsasa Kasyapasa
Mahakali Srivatsasa
Mahankali Kutsasa
Malladi/మల్లాది Harithasa
Mallajosyula Bhargavasa
Mallela/మల్లెల Kousikasa
Mamidipalli Kousikasa
Manda Kasyapasa
Mangaiahgari / మంగయ్య గారి Kaundinyasa
Mangipudi Devaraatasa
Mannepalli Gouthamasa
Mantrala Srivatsasa
Marmavula Kasyapasa
Mithipati Harithasa
Mokkapati Harithasa
Muddu Haritasa
Mukkavalli Kousikasa|
Mullapudi Gouthamasa
Munnangi Bharadwajasa
Musti Harithasa
Nadella haritasa
Narumanchi Kousikasa
Nauduri Koundinyasa
Neti Koundinyasa
Nimmagadda Koundinyasa
Nittala Harithasa
Nistala Harithasa
Nori Harithasa
Nudurumati Koundinyasa
Nukala Bharadwajasa
Palaparthy Bharadwajasa Harithasa Srivatsasa Kasyapasa
Palaypu ("Paa'lay'pu") Harithasa
Paluri -
Pamarthy Atreyasa
Panchagnula Bharadwajasa
Panganamalu -
Parasuramuni Koundiyasa
Parimi Harithasa
Parupudi Harithasa
Pasumarthy Kasyapasa
Pattisapu Kutsasa
Pendyala Bharadwajasa
Perepa Kousikasa
Pilaka Bharadwajasa
Piratla Harithasa
Pillutla Srivatsasa
Pisapati / Peesapati Gouthamasa
Pisupati / Peesupati Bharadwajasa
Pola Harithasa
Popuri Bharadwajasa
Poranki Harithasa
Pothukuchi Srivatsasa Harithasa
Prabhala Bharadwajasa
Praturi Atreyasa
Prava Lohitasa
Polepeddi Harithasa
Puranam Sandilyasa
Pusunuru Harithasa
Rallabandi or Rallabhandi Koundinyasa Bharadwajasa
Ravi / Raavi Harithasa
Ravikoti Koundinyasa
Rayaprolu Athreyasa
Remella Kousikasa
Renduchintala Koundinyasa
Revuri Bharadwajasa
Rupakula Harithasa
Samavedam Harithasa
Sannidhanam Harithasa
Sadhu Harithasa Koundinyasa
Sahasranamamula Kasyapasa
Sakshicherula Lohitasa
Sethepalli / Seethepalli Gouthamasa
Sistla Bharadwajasa/koundinyasa
Somayajula Satamarshanasa
Sonti Gouthamasa Sonty

( Bharadwajasa )

Sridhara Srivatsasa
Sripada Kousikasa
Sri Rambhatla Koundinyasa
Suravajjhula/Suravajj(h)ala Haritasa
Suruguchi Kousikasa
Susarla Salavathasa
Tadepalli Atreyasa Parasarasa
Tamma Harithasa
Tangirala Srivatsasa
Telikicharla Koundiyasa
Tekumalla Vadulasa
Thopalli Bharadwajasa
Tulasi Gargeyasa
Tumarada Bharadwajasa
Tumuluru Harithasa
Upadhyayula Koundinyasa
Uppaluri Atreyasa
Uppuluri Kasyapasa
Vadapalli Kasyapasa
Vadali Harithasa
Vaddi Bharadwajasa
Vadhri Bharadwajasa
Vagala Srivatsasa
Vallampati Koundinyasa
Varanasi Gouthamasa Bharadwajasa
Vajapeyayajula Parasarasa
Vasanthapuram Kamakayanasa Viswamitra
Vavilala Harithasa _ Valiveti Gautamasa
Vedantham Harithasa Kasyapasa
Vedula Kousikasa Bharadwajasa
Velamuri Koundinyasa
Veerubhotla Koundinyasa
Vemparala Bharadwajasa
Vempati Harithasa
Vemu Harithasa
Vemuri Harithasa
Vepa/వేప Koundinyasa
Veturi Srivatsasa
Vinjamoori/Vinjamuri Gouthamasa
Vishnubhatla Bharadwajasa
Viswanadham Harithasa
Vogeti Koundinyasa
Yaddhanapudi yadavalli bharadwajasa
Yanamandra Kousikasa
Yeleswarapu Kousikasa
Yellepeddi Sandilyasa
Yeluripaty/ Yeluripati Srivatsasa
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==Telaganya Brahmin surnames==




Family Name Gothra Gothra Gothra Gothra Gothra Gothra
Kalvakolanu/కల్వకొలను Kasyapasa
Sanagavarapu Moudgalyasa
Srishti Harithasa
Pachalla/పచ్చళ్ల Harithasa
Chennavajjula/ Sandilyasa
Vattyam/ koundinyasa
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Please use the following data for adding a Gothra: Sandilyasa Harithasa Bharadwajasa Kousikasa/Kausikasa Atreyasa Gauthamasa/Gowthamasa Kasyapasa Vasishtasa Srivatsasa Gargeyasa Vadulasa Viswamitra AgniVaivasvatasa Yellajyousula comes under Kousikasa gothra. they are also velanadu brahmins. "Mynepalli" surname also belongs under Kasyapasa gothra. they are also belong to the sub-caste "velanadu" whose descendandants from Tenali town, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India are living in Hyderabd, Andhra Prdesh.



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