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Format Supernatural, mystery
Written by Christian Taylor
Directed by Christian Taylor
Starring Kristen Hager
Eric Balfour
Nikki Blonsky
Jessica Parker Kennedy
Dillon Casey
Country of origin  United States
Running time 2 1/2 minutes
Original channel MTV
Original run September 21, 2009 – present
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Valemont is a mini series on MTV that premiered on September 21, 2009.[1] Two new episodes will premiere on Tuesdays during The Hills and The City. For six consecutive weeks, two and a half minute episodes of Valemont will premiere in the commercial pods directly preceding The Hills and following The City.[2] The concluding 23 episodes of the series will be made available online at and on V Cast Video from Verizon Wireless, along with other bonus footage.[3]



The show follows Sophie Gracen (Kristen Hager) as she infiltrates Valemont University, an exclusive and distinguished East Coast college that her brother Eric (Eric Balfour) attended before disappearing mysteriously. As Sophie delves deeper into the mystery of her brother's disappearance from school, taking the name Sophie Fields so her brother's friends won't discover her identity, more details emerge about her family and the origins of the elite Valemont students. The show also co-stars Nikki Blonsky, Jessica Parker Kennedy, and Dillon Casey, and features music from Irish rock band Fight Like Apes.[4][5]

Each episode begins with a video clip or text message from Eric's mobile device. The phones will provide clues to characters in the show, as well as to viewers, and through an online gaming experience at In addition, a five second Verizon Wireless billboard will close each new episode of Valemont, driving to additional exclusive content on V CAST.

Episode list

Episode Summary Date
Episode 1 Sophie Gracen finds out that her brother was burned alive, and travels to a morgue where she sees her brother's burnt, black body covered in ashes. She steals his cell phone from the morgue and flees to her brother's old school, Valemont University. September 29, 2009
Episode 2 At Valemont University, Sophie meets her roommate, Poppy, and meets with Professor Blunt, one of the teachers at Valemont. Poppy introduces Sophie to the Panthera House, Valemont's version of the Greek system, which her brother was a part of. She also meets Sebastian, a dark, sinister stud who she thinks, can tell her about her brother's disapearance. September 29, 2009
Episode 3 Sophie gets caught breaking in to the Panthera House, where the residents decide to "have some fun with her" until Sebastian comes in, trying to save her. After trying to choke the head master, Sebastian says that there is nothing that he can do and the residents strip her, put her in a mouse costume, and write "CAT FOOD" on her stomach in marker. October 6, 2009
Episode 4 Sophie goes into the bathroom to wipe off the marker, but she has a hallucination where blood starts coming out of her ribs and on the mirror, written in blood is the word, "Desmodus". When she wakes up from the hallucination, she meets Gabriel, who knew her brother. Gabriel asks her why she has a dead man's phone, to which she has no reply. October 6, 2009


Houses are Valemont's "Greek Life" system, broken into four: Pathera: natural beauty and wealth Serpentes: artistic and humanity driven Crocadilis: althetes Aodita: science and school driven


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