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Valerie Campbell-Harding (1932-2006) was an experimental textile designer and author of 24 books [1]. She was born in Canada in 1932 and died in England in 2006. She founded the Computer Textile Design Group in 1996 [2], a group whose focus was the application of computer technologies to textiles. Campbell-Harding was also editor and frequent contributor to the Design IT magazine.

Published works

  • Textures in embroidery, 1977
  • Patchwork: no.1, 1978
  • Faces and Figures in Embroidery, 1979
  • Patchwork: no.2, 1981
  • Strip Patchwork, 1983
  • Every Kind of Patchwork, 1984
  • Flowers and Plants in Embroidery, 1987
  • Weaving with ribbon, 1987
  • Machine embroidery : stitch techniques, (co-authored by Pamella Watts) 1989
  • Fabric painting for embroidery, 1990
  • Bead Embroidery (co-authored by Pamella Watts), 1993
  • Starting to Stitch Creatively, 1994
  • Goldwork, (co-authored by Jane Lemon and Kit Pyman) 1995
  • Textile Artistry, 1996
  • Machine Embroidery, 1997
  • Machine Embroidery: Stitched Patterns, 1997
  • Beaded tassels, braids & fringes, 1999
  • Layers of Stitch , 2001
  • Celtic Embroidery, 2002
  • Celtic Inspirations for Machine Embroiderers (co-authored by Maggie Grey), 2003
  • Edges And Finishes In Machine Embroidery, 2004
  • Stitch, Dissolve, Distort with Machine Embroidery, (completed by Maggie Grey after Campbell-Harding's death), 2007




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