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Valerie French
Ring name(s) Sunshine
Resides Cape Coral, Florida
Debut 1983

Valerie French is a former professional wrestling valet better known as Sunshine.




World Class Championship Wrestling

Valerie French started in wrestling as the valet for her cousin Jimmy Garvin in World Class Championship Wrestling in 1983. She was called Sunshine and helped him in his feud with David Von Erich. Garvin received some criticism for hiding behind Sunshine when he was in trouble. Sunshine was known for constantly interfering on Garvin's behalf. David Von Erich spanked her in the middle of the ring for this same reason. On June 17, 1983, Garvin lost a match to David where he and Sunshine had to be his servants for a day. David had them doing chores on his ranch and filmed it.

Shortly after this, Garvin brought in his wife, Precious, to replace Sunshine, and they feuded. Sunshine enlisted the help of Chris Adams to help her in this feud.[1] Sunshine's participation included both singles and tag team matches in which she wrestled against men, leading some wrestling scholars to consider Sunshine a prototype of the modern day "Divas."

In the summer of 1985, Sunshine had a brief feud against Jim Cornette that saw her pin him in a match where he had one arm tied behind his back and blindfolded. By late 1985, she was feuding with Missy Hyatt. They had many catfights that Hyatt's man John Tatum usually broke up so Sunshine enlisted Scott Casey and The Great Kabuki to help her. Kabuki turned on her and Casey in October, but she continued her feud with Hyatt. It culminated at the Parade of Champions on May 4, 1986 where Sunshine beat Hyatt in a pig-sty mud match. She then started a feud with a woman by the name of Raven which culminated in Sunshine beating Raven in a mud wrestling match on July 4, 1986.

Sunshine also managed Lance Von Erich and reunited with Chris Adams in 1986, after Adams became babyface following a sixteen-month stint as a heel wrestler.

Universal Wrestling Federation

She then left for the Universal Wrestling Federation where she managed the Fabulous Freebirds. As part of the federation, she and the Freebirds feuded with The Missing Link and Dark Journey.

She left the UWF for Wild West Wrestling where she managed the team of John Tatum & Jack Victory. She also went back to managing The Missing Link. She eventually returned to World Class, but the company was in the process of being sold to Jim Crockett Promotions. She retired shortly after that.

Personal life

She now lives in Tampa, Florida, is married and has a daughter.

In wrestling


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