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Valkyrie Complex
(Varukirī Conpurekkusu)
Genre Fantasy, Harem
Developer Circus
Publisher Circus
Genre Eroge, Visual novel
Rating 18+
Platform PC
Released May 29, 2009
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Valkyrie Complex (ヴァルキリーコンプレックス Varukirī Conpurekkusu ?) is an adult simulation role-playing game developed by Circus that was released for the PC on May 29, 2009. An anime and manga based on the game has also been announced.[1][2]


Valkyrie Complex's opening theme, entitled "Seisen Spectal" (聖戦スペクタル Seisen Supekutaru ?), is sung by Ceui. Its CD single was released on May 27, 2009.


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