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Van Halen Summer Tour 2004
Tour by Van Halen
Start date 11 June 2004
End date 19 November 2004
Legs 3
Shows 80 played
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Van Halen Summer Tour 2004
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The Van Halen Summer Tour 2004 was a North American concert tour by hard rock band Van Halen. It was the band's first tour since 1998, and saw the return of lead singer Sammy Hagar who left the band in 1996 on bad terms. Bassist Michael Anthony officially left Van Halen at this point, though nothing was announced until his replacement in 2006 by Wolfgang Van Halen.



In 2004, Van Halen reunited with Sammy Hagar, their second vocalist from 1985-1996. They decided to release a new compilation double album featuring three new songs on it as their first move. This was followed by a reunion tour, featuring these new songs among others on the set list. The new songs were "It's About Time", "Up For Breakfast", and "Learning to See". Initially 28 dates were announced, but this was extended to 80 across 5 months - all of which were performed.

The tour included many controversies, and ultimately afterwards Hagar decided to leave Van Halen. Michael Anthony, long time bassist for the band (performing with them until 2000 when they went on hiatus, but still officially a member of the band in 2004) was hired as a touring musician but not a 'real' band member, being paid a reduced commission. Initially the Van Halen brothers didn't want him on the tour at all, but Hagar insisted. Hagar also accused Eddie Van Halen of drinking far too much on the tour, despite Eddie's denials.

The tour grossed almost $55 million, and Pollstar listed Van Halen in the top 10 grossing tours of 2004. However, Rolling Stone revealed that promoters did not actually profit from the tour, losing money. This was largely attributed to overpriced tickets of up to $250 slowing down ticket sales. Concerts were met with (usually) positive reviews from critics and fans, though some did notice Eddie's alcohol abuse. Wolfgang Van Halen, Eddie's young son, would join the band for rhythm guitar during the instrumental "316". In 2006 Wolfgang joined Van Halen properly, replacing Anthony on bass.

Throughout the tour, reports of Eddie's alcohol abuse cropped up in reviews. In the band's first Chicago show, Eddie tripped over his guitar cable multiple times. Eighteen times it actually became unplugged, and a guitar tech had to chase Eddie around the stage keeping things together. Eddie later stopped in the middle of a guitar solo, lying down and simply saying "I'm sorry folks, I done run outta gas". Eddie did however, recover and finish the solo. The other major event occurred on the final date of the tour, in Tucson. when Eddie finished the set by smashing his guitar, sending shrapnel into the audience and running off stage.

The tour was made up of three legs, with the first two being in the United States (with the exception of a single date in the first leg in Toronto), and the third was a mixture of American and Canadian dates. By playing a date in Puerto Rico, Van Halen became the first rock act to ever play at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum, one week after the venue's inauguration.

The tour was extended repeatedly, leading to a "Summer" tour lasting until late November. This was not originally planned.

2004 Tour Dates



First North American leg (USA)

Second North American leg (USA)

Third North American leg (USA/Canada)


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