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Vehicle registration plates of Georgia are composed of an embossed serial of three letters, a hyphen and three numbers (e.g. ABC-123), in black on a white background. The plates are issued in the Latin alphabet. Georgian license plates are the same size as the most common European license plate. All plates have the abbreviation "GEO" in the lower left corner of the plate, while newer plates also have the national flag in the upper left corner.

Car designations

Originally the first letter of the registration plate was assigned according to the territory where the vehicle was registered:

SOS-series plate.

This system was later discarded, and the registration plates are assigned without any system. Anyone may buy the combination they like. Some commercial organization have bought up all the number sequences within one tri-letter combination (e.g. all the TBC license plates are owned by TBC Bank, and all the MZE license plates are owned by Mze TV Company). Ambulances have license plates in the PSP series, after the pharmaceutical company sponsoring them, and fire engines have license plates in the SOS series.

Abkhazia and South Ossetia

The self-proclaimed republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia issue their own license plates: Russian-style plates in Abkhazia and Soviet-style plates in South Ossetia. Since 2004 these license plates are forbidden to be used on the territory controlled by the government of Georgia; while the Georgian license plates are not allowed to be used on the territory controlled by separatists. Thus most cars that cross the boundaries of the unrecognised republics have to use Russian license plates.

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