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The Palestinian National Authority requires their residents register their motor vehicles and display vehicle registration plates. On the right side is the Latin letter "P" for Palestine; above that, the Arabic letter "ف" for "فلسطين". Private vehicles carry Arabic numbers with various colors depending on its type.


Private Transport

Palestinian Authority Private vehicle registration plate.

Private Vehicles have white plates with Green numbers, the numbers have seven digits, the first shows the district of the registration:

  • where Y can be :

1, 3: Gaza Strip

4, 7: North West Bank (Nablus, Tulkarem, Qalqilia)

5, 6: Central West Bank (Ramallah, Jerusalem, Jericho)

8, 9: South West Bank (Bethlehem, Hebron)

  • X can be :

Any Number

  • Z can be :

3, 4 & 9

Public Transport

Palestinian Authority Public vehicle registration plate.

Vehicles serving the public transports (taxis, shared taxis und buses) have green plates with white numbers.

Plates for vehicles of the authority

Palestinian Authority Government vehicle registration plate.

Vehicles belonging to the Palestinian Authority use white number plates with red numbers. Those are officials' cars, ambulances, fire brigade police and special police (military).

Test plates

Test plates for garages and car importers are blue with white writing and display the word "TEST" above the number.

1967 - 1994

During the Occupation of West Bank and Gaza Strip by Israel, Palestinians had plates issued by the Israeli civil administration: blue (Westbank) and white (Gazastrip) plates with a Hebrew letter in a white or orange field on the left side that identified the origin of the car's holder.[1]

  • א (A) Jericho (Arab. Ariha)
  • ב (B) Bethlehem
  • ח (CH) Hebron
  • ט (T) Tulkarem
  • נ (N) Jenin
  • ק (K) Kalkilia
  • ר (R) Ramallah
  • ש (Sh) Nablus (hebr. Sh'chem)




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