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A plate from Tetovo

Car licence plate codes in the Republic of Macedonia consist of a two-letter region code, followed by a 3-digit numeric and a 2-letter alpha code (e.g. BT 123 AA). Several cities like Kičevo, Struga and Resen all use the region code of Ohrid but the plates can be divided by looking at the last 2 letters. If the first letter of the last 2 letters is ending on an I, the registration is from Struga, ending on A, B or C are from Ohrid, ending on K from Kičevo R from Resen and N for Debar.

Republic of Macedonia licence plate codes

Diplomatic license plates of the French consular office in the Republic of Macedonia.
An old SFRY plate from Skopje
Code Region Municipalities covered by the code
BT Bitola Bitola (AB-PZ), Demir Hisar (RA-TZ), Kruševo (UA-ZZ)
GV Gostivar Gostivar
KU Kumanovo Kumanovo, Kriva Palanka, Kratovo
OH Ohrid Ohrid (AB-GZ), Struga (HA-JZ), Kicevo (KA-MZ), Resen (RA-TZ), Debar (NA-PZ), Makedonski Brod (UA-ZZ)
PP Prilep Prilep
SK Skopje Skopje
SR Strumica Strumica
ŠT Štip Štip, Radoviš, Kočani, Vinica, Makedonska Kamenica, Delčevo, Probištip
TE Tetovo Tetovo
VE Veles Veles, Gevgelija, Demir Kapija, Kavadarci (JA-LZ), Negotino

Obsolete licence plate codes

Code Location Notes
TV Titov Veles Replaced by VE (Veles) when the city in question was renamed.

New europlates

New licence plate

There was a plan to issue new Europlates in Macedonia as of 1 January 2008, according to which more cities would get their own code, but the plan was not realized due to still undisclosed reasons.

Code Region Municipalities covered by the code
RA Radoviš (now ŠT) Radoviš
SU Struga (now OH) Struga
GE Gevgelija (now VE) Gevgelija
KA Kavadarci (now VE) Kavadarci
KI Kičevo (now OH) Kičevo
KP Kriva Palanka (now KU) Kriva Palanka
KO Kočani (now ŠT) Kočani


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