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Velda Mound is an archaeological site in northern Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida, United States owned by the State of Florida and which was part of the extensive Apalachee Province located in the Arbor Hill neighborhood within the sub-division of Killearn Estates.

History and use

Velda Mound is part of the Apalachee Province of around 14501625 which also included Lake Jackson Mound and Anhaica. The mound is believed to have served as a residence platform for the village leader and acted like a town hall with domestic residences surrounding it. Gardens and communal farming fields would have been present around the mound to support the inhabitants. No evidence exists showing occupation by the Spanish or British.

Velda Mound was abandoned at the beginning of the Spanish Mission Period (ca. 1565) most likely the result of natural resources such as trees for building homes and for firewood being depleted as well as the degradation of soil nutrients.

The mound eventually became part of the large Velda Dairy operation which occupied much of northern Leon County during the 1950s. The site was looted and damaged the mound in search of artifacts.


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