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The flag of the Provisional Venetian Government (23 March 1848 - 24 August 1849) was an Italian tricolour, with the lion of St. Mark.

Venetia is a name used mostly in a historical context for the area of Northeast Italy, corresponding approximately to the present-day Italian administrative regions of the Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Venetia formed for a long time the Italian land portion of the Republic of Venice. In 1797, the Republic ended with Napoleon's invasion, and was included in the French Empire.

After the Congress of Vienna, 1815, Venetia was a part of the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia, a separate kingdom of the Austrian Empire. In 1848, Venetia arose against the central Austrian government, forming the Republic of San Marco, which lasted only 17 months. Venetia remained under Austrian control until the Austro-Prussian war in 1866, when the Kingdom of Italy joined this war on the Prussian front as she was promised Venetia as thanks for her assistance. This caused an additional southern front for Austria, the Third Italian War of Independence. Once the war(s) ended, the Treaty of Vienna (1866) ceded the region to neutral France, though, with the fortresses remaining under Austrian control for the time being. Following protests, the Austrians left, the French ceded it to Italy on October 20, and a referendum held on October 21/22 ratified the handover thus realized.


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