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Veran Matić (Serbian Cyrillic Веран Матић), born in 1962, is the Chief Executive Officer of B92.



Matić has been engaged in journalism since 1984 with alternative and youth media in Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana. He began his career with NTV Studio B. In May 1989 he founded Radio B92.

The station was banned several times, but managed to continue broadcasting until it was taken over by a group close to the government in April 1999. On March 24 1999, just hours before the NATO air strikes against FR Yugoslavia began, the station was banned and Matic was briefly detained by police. Despite the ban, the station continued to broadcast via the Internet until the take-over.

Under his guidance, Radio B92 had set up and developed its numerous sectors:

  • Internet centre - OpenNet.
  • a publishing division which produced more than 30 titles, including books of research and commentary on the wars in the former Yugoslavia and minority rights, and three magazines
  • the Cinema REX cultural centre, a venue for the alternative and progressive culture scene
  • a film and video division, the winner of a number of national and international awards
  • a CD label which featured young and progressive artists in FR Yugoslavia.

In 2000 he launched and led a project to overcome the banning of B92 in Belgrade. With the assistance of its partners from Romania and Bosnia & Herzegovina, he founded a network covering most of Serbia, which has done its best to help in informing the citizens regarding the big Belgrade march, which brought about silent change of power. This led to the birth of Television B92, broadcast first via satellite and through regional networks, and then daily in Belgrade as well from October 5, 2001.

A book was published about the ways in which Mr. Matic had established and developed B92, entitled "This is Serbia Calling" by Matthew Collin (British edition) [1] or "Guerrilla Radio – Serbia’s Underground Resistance" [2] (USA edition, translated in Malesia, Brasil (Radio Gueririlha [3]) and in Serbia, while the film script has been under way.

The book "Making Waves in Serbia" has been published in Serbia, by Dusan Masic.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility was always the backbone of B92’s policy. Namely, Veran Matic has developed B92 as a socially responsible media company by initiating a series of big humanitarian and socially relevant campaigns such as:

  • Voluntary blood donations
  • Posthumous human organs bequeathal
  • Increasing the number of potential marrow donors
  • Breast cancer prevention campaign which resulted in gathering funds for providing the first mobile mammography unit to be used for regular medical check-ups of the women more than 45 year old
  • Safe houses construction for the victims of family violence; three safe houses are built so far, while another two are under construction
  • "Doctors Clowns" is also the project of B92 Fund
  • At the end of 2009, B92 Fund had initiated another big humanitarian campaign "Food for all" with the aim of helping the work of national kitchens, thus helping those without any means to survive (food worth more than one million EUR has been gathered in this campaign).


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