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The Verbandsliga is the 6th tier of football in Germany, played on a regional basis by Bundesland. In Sachsen, Thüringen, Hamburg, Bremen and Bavaria the 6th tier is called Landesliga, which is the 7th tier in some of the other Bundesländer. In Niedersachsen, the tier-six leagues are called Bezirksoberliga.

In most areas, the Verbandsligas were introduced in 1978 as a replacement for the Amateurligas.



League Promotion to Relegation to Formed
Verbandsliga Hessen-Süd Hessenliga Gruppenliga Darmstadt, Gruppenliga Frankfurt-West, Gruppenliga Frankfurt-Ost 1964
Verbandsliga Hessen-Mitte Hessenliga Gruppenliga Wiesbaden, Gruppenliga Giessen/Marburg 1964
Verbandsliga Hessen-Nord Hessenliga Gruppenliga Fulda, Gruppenliga Kassel 1, Gruppenliga Kassel 2 1964
Verbandsliga Saarland 1 Saarlandliga Landesliga Saarland-Nordost, Landesliga Saarland-Südwest 1978
Verbandsliga Rheinland Oberliga Südwest Bezirksliga Rheinland-Ost, Bezirksliga Rheinland-Mitte, Bezirksliga Rheinland-West 1978
Verbandsliga Südwest Oberliga Südwest Landesliga Südwest-Ost, Landesliga Südwest-West 1978
Verbandsliga Nordbaden Oberliga Baden-Württemberg Landesliga Mittelbaden, Landesliga Odenwald, Landesliga Rhein/Neckar 1978
Verbandsliga Südbaden Oberliga Baden-Württemberg Landesliga Südbaden 1, Landesliga Südbaden 2, Landesliga Südbaden 3 1978
Verbandsliga Württemberg Oberliga Baden-Württemberg Landesliga Württemberg 1, Landesliga Württemberg 2, Landesliga Württemberg 3, Landesliga Württemberg 4 1978
Verbandsliga Westfalen 1 2 Oberliga Westfalen Landesliga Westfalen 1 Ost, Landesliga Westfalen 2 Süd, Landesliga Westfalen 3 West, Landesliga Westfalen 4 Nord, Landesliga Westfalen 5 Mitte 1956
Verbandsliga Westfalen 2 2 Oberliga Westfalen Landesliga Westfalen 1 Ost, Landesliga Westfalen 2 Süd, Landesliga Westfalen 3 West, Landesliga Westfalen 4 Nord, Landesliga Westfalen 5 Mitte 1956
Verbandsliga Niederrhein Oberliga Nordrhein Landesliga Niederrhein 1, Landesliga Niederrhein 2, Landesliga Niederrhein 3 1956
Verbandsliga Mittelrhein Oberliga Nordrhein Landesliga Mittelrhein 1, Landesliga Mittelrhein 2 1956
Verbandsliga Mecklenburg-Vorpommern NOFV-Oberliga Nord Landesliga MV-Ost, Landesliga MV-West 1991
Verbandsliga Brandenburg NOFV-Oberliga Nord Landesliga Brandenburg-Nord, Landesliga Brandenburg-Süd 1990
Verbandsliga Berlin NOFV-Oberliga Nord Landesliga Berlin 1, Landesliga Berlin 2 1992
Verbandsliga Sachsen-Anhalt NOFV-Oberliga Süd Landesliga SA-Nord, Landesliga SA-Mitte, Landesliga SA-Süd 1990
Verbandsliga Schleswig-Holstein-Nord-Ost Oberliga Schleswig-Holstein 2008
Verbandsliga Schleswig-Holstein-Nord-West Oberliga Schleswig-Holstein 2008
Verbandsliga Schleswig-Holstein-Süd-Ost Oberliga Schleswig-Holstein 2008
Verbandsliga Schleswig-Holstein-Süd-West Oberliga Schleswig-Holstein 2008

Source:"The German football leagues". Retrieved 2008-02-09. 

  • Some of the Verbandsligas have existed prior to their mentioned formation date under a different name. Dates given are when the leagues changed to the name Verbandsliga.
  • 1 The Verbandsliga Saarland is only a tier-seven league from 2009 onwards, after the Saarlandliga was introduced as the new tier-six league.
  • 2 The leagues below the two Verbandsligas in Westfalen can feed either division.


On top of those, there is another eight leagues which are on the same tier but do not qualify as Verbandsligas, or in case of Sachsen and Thüringen, prefer to call their league Landesliga.

League Promotion to Relegation to Formed
Landesliga Sachsen NOFV-Oberliga Süd Bezirksliga Sachsen-Chemnitz, Bezirksliga Sachsen-Leipzig, Bezirksliga Sachsen-Dresden 1990
Landesliga Thüringen NOFV-Oberliga Süd Landesklasse Thüringen-Ost, Landesklasse-Thüringen-West 1990
Landesliga Bayern-Süd Oberliga Bayern Bezirksoberliga Schwaben, Bezirksoberliga Oberbayern 1963
Landesliga Bayern-Mitte Oberliga Bayern Bezirksoberliga Mittelfranken, Bezirksoberliga Oberpfalz, Bezirksoberliga Niederbayern 1963
Landesliga Bayern-Nord Oberliga Bayern Bezirksoberliga Unterfranken, Bezirksoberliga Oberfranken 1963
Landesliga Bremen Oberliga Bremen Bezirksliga Bremen, Bezirksliga Bremerhaven
Landesliga Hamburg-Hammonia Oberliga Hamburg Bezirksliga Nord, Bezirksliga Ost, Bezirksliga Süd, Bezirksliga West
Landesliga Hamburg-Hansa Oberliga Hamburg Bezirksliga Nord, Bezirksliga Ost, Bezirksliga Süd, Bezirksliga West

Source:"The German football leagues". Retrieved 2008-02-09. 

  • The Landesligas of Thüringen and Sachsen are unique in their naming as every other league in Germany of this standing carries the name Verbandsliga. This was done so simply by choice of the local football associations (German:Fussball Verband) in Sachsen and Thüringen and the name could be changed to Verbandsliga if they wish to do so. Bavaria does not have this option however, since its Landesligas are not the highest leagues in the Verband. This position is held by the Oberligas in this state.


In Niedersachsen, the leavel below the two Oberligas is the Bezirksoberligas.

League Promotion to Relegation to Formed
Bezirksoberliga Braunschweig Oberliga Niedersachsen-Ost Bezirksliga Braunschweig 1, Bezirksliga Braunschweig 2, Bezirksliga Braunschweig 3, Bezirksliga Braunschweig 4 2006
Bezirksoberliga Hannover Oberliga Niedersachsen-West Bezirksliga Hannover 1, Bezirksliga Hannover 2, Bezirksliga Hannover 3, Bezirksliga Hannover 4 2006
Bezirksoberliga Lüneburg Oberliga Niedersachsen-Ost Bezirksliga Lüneburg 1, Bezirksliga Lüneburg 2, Bezirksliga Lüneburg 3, Bezirksliga Lüneburg 4 2006
Bezirksoberliga Weser-Ems Oberliga Niedersachsen-West Bezirksliga Weser-Ems 1, Bezirksliga Weser-Ems 2, Bezirksliga Weser-Ems 3, Bezirksliga Weser-Ems 4, Bezirksliga Weser-Ems 5 2006

Source:"The Bezirksoberligas of Niedersachsen". Retrieved 2008-07-22. 

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