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Vermont State Fair
Location(s) Vermont State Fairgrounds, Rutland, Vermont
Years active 1846-Present
Genre Fun/entertainment

The Vermont State Fair is an annual state fair in Rutland, Vermont in September, at the Vermont State Fairgrounds. For many years, the fair has contained a restaurant which remains open during warmer months, many other food selections, numerous midway rides, entertainment shows, a petting zoo, and agricultural exhibits. The first annual Vermont State Fair was held in 1846.



Originally, the fair was just a one day gathering held annually in Rutland County. It became long enough in 1859 to have its own home, which became the Vermont State Fairgrounds. The Fair became a three day event before the turn of the century, and a six day event in 1933. In 1926, it was ranked among the top ten best fairs in the United States.

Like many state fairs, the fair closed in 1917 due to the influenza outbreak, and the fair remained a low key event during World War Two. Later however, it regained its popularity.

Originally, the fair was named the "Rutland Fair", and that remained its name until 1972, when the name was changed to the "Vermont State Fair".[1]




The Gravitron spins visitors around in circles faster than on any other ride at the fair. The ride forces passengers outward onto a cushioned wall.


The Tilt-A-Whirl is a ride for children and adults of nearly all ages. On this ride, visitors sit in large passenger carriers as they spin in circles in all directions.


The Himalaya is a small, yet fast roller-coaster-type ride in which visitors speed around a track forward and backward.


The Carousel, also known as the Merry-Go-Round, allows riders to ride models of different sorts of animals around the base of the ride, under a roof covering it.

Castlerock (Scrambler Ride)

Up to two riders sit in each of several passenger carriers, and are moved wildly around.

Previous Attractions

Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire is a roller coaster shaped like a circle, as if it were actually a ring of fire and brings visitors upside down.


The Zipper is a ride that brings visitors upside down, as The Ring of Fire does. The Zipper has passenger carriers that can hold two people, that rotate around the base of the ride and flip upsidedown with a base spinning simultaneously.


The fair also contains numerous entertainment. Most often the entertainment is an organized event.

Rosaire's Racing Pigs

Pigs race around a small track to get to a bowl of food. There are three races, each with a different breed of pigs. An announcer talks about the pigs as they race.

Pig Rooters

During each race, a child member of the audience is selected to come up to where the announcer is. While there, the announcer asks he/she questions, such as, Do you like the pigs?, Do you like your mom?, and if he/she says yes, the announcer might say, What do you like better? Afterward, he/she receives a number of prizes, like a necklace or candy.

Galaxy Girl and Galaxy Globe

"Galaxy Girl Performance"

"Galaxy Girl" performs stunts on a tall stunt tower while "Johnny Rocket" narrates. While at the top, "Galaxy Girl" educates the audience about the stunt tower using a microphone.

"Ashley Star" Performance

"Ashley Star" performs hoola hoop stunts. The performance includes her "hoola hooping" fifty hoola hoops at a time.

"Johnny Rocket" Performance

"Johnny Rocket" performs motorcycle stunts inside the "globe of death", an eight-foot-tall cyberdome, in which the audience may see through.

"Super Justin" Performance

Super Justin also performs stunts inside the "globe of death".

"Johnny Rocket" and "Super Justin" Performance

After "Super Justin"'s performance, "Johnny Rocket" and "Super Justin" perform stunts inside the cyberdome simultaneously. This is followed by "Ashley Star" standing in the cyberdome while "Johnny Rocket" and "Super Justin" are performing more stunts there.

Magic Of Lance Gifford and Company

Las Vegas Style Magic illusion show complete with free stage, sound and lights.

Bike Giveaway

Ronald McDonald's Bike Giveaway is an annual once a year event in which tricycles and two different sizes of boys and girls bikes donated by local businesses are raffled, along with two grand prizes. Volunteers help bring the bikes over to the winners who make their way down off of the bleachers determine the winners of the grand prizes and (by adults) throw t-shirts during "t-shirt tosses"


Tickets of different colors for the raffle are given out for free at the entrance to the Pepsi Grandstand, an area building space for various shops etc. and that contains a large stand of bleachers on the rear exterior. There are five different types of tickets: Tickets for tricycles, for young children aged one to three; Tickets for twenty-inch boys' bikes, for boys aged four to ten; Tickets for twenty-inch girls' bikes, for girls aged four to ten; Tickets for twenty-six inch boys bikes, for boys aged eleven to fourteen; And tickets for twenty-six inch girls' bikes, for girls aged eleven to fourteen. One may only receive one ticket for each type of bike.


All of the raffles take place at a stage behind the Grandstand. Audience members are seated on the bleachers. Ronald McDonald announces all of the raffle winners.

Trycicle and Bicycle Raffles

At the start of the event, the raffles for the tricycles and bicycles take place. Volunteers help retrieve the tricycles and bikes for the large group of them.

Grand Prize Raffles

Two grand prizes are raffled directly after the tricycle and bike raffles. Anyone who has already received a tricycle or bike for the previous raffle are still eligible for winning one of the grand prizes. The first prize raffles is by most one's opinions of less value than the second prize (e.g. the first prize may be composed of a portable DVD player along with two movies, two board games and a bocce set, and the second prize may be composed of a wii, along with a two wii games, several happy meal coupons and several fair passes). A local rather renowned person, such as an entrepreneur, draws the tickets for these prizes while looking away, to prove that he/she is not being selective.

"T-shirt Tosses"

At two different points in time selected by Ronald, bundled t-shirts are thrown by hand into all different sections of the audience.

Petting Zoo

The fair's petting zoo allows visitors to touch and feel animals. These animals include sheep, goats, a bull, and others. Nearby is a camel ride, and horse rides.



Roxie's Famous French Fries, or Roxie's is a restaurant located in the fair. The restaurant is known for its foot-long hotdogs, it is possibly the most popular place to eat in the fair. The restaurant also serves hamburgers, fries, etc. The restaurant is open no matter if the fair is going on or not during the warmer months.


Pizza, is a multiple joint food stand within the fair. Cheese and pepperoni pizza are sold here, as well as sveral types of beverages, with soda the majority of them.

Italian Sausage

Italian Sausage is also a multiple joint food stand at the fair. It gernerally sells various types of meat.


One can gain admission to the fair by purchasing admission or visitng on a free admission day. Ride admission may be gained by either purchasing a wristband or tickets, depending on what is up for purchase. Wristbands can be bought for various prices on certain days. These wristbands allow anyone wearing them to become a passenger on any ride or rides unlimited times while the fair remains open that day. On days in which wristbands are on sale, admission must be purchased. On other days, however, admission is free, but one must purchase tickets to become a passenger on any rides. Tickets may be purchased by certain numbers and certain rides costs a person wishing to become a passenger a certain number of tickets.

Annual Field Trip

Every fall, the fourth grade classes of Rutland Intermediate School take a field trip to the fair in the morning sometime around its opening. The field trip focouses on the agricultural exhibits rather than the midway, which is not yet in operation during this time anyhow. Students often bring a small deposit of money to spend on snacks. On the day of the field trip, students eat lunch here as well.


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