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Location of Versova
in Mumbai and India
Coordinates 19°07′N 72°49′E / 19.12°N 72.82°E / 19.12; 72.82
Country  India
State Maharashtra
District(s) Mumbai Suburban
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Versova is an upmarket neighbourhood in the Andheri area in northern Mumbai. It is located at 19°7'60N 72°47'60E and is known for its beach and the Versova Fort. Versova is in the suburban of mumbai. It's a fishermen Village. It was under Portuguese empire up to 1739. During the war against the Marathas (1737-1740), the Portuguese lost the empire and ruled under Maratha Empire. Later the neighbouring English Bombay, took their place.It comes at the end of Andheri, hence it is quite peaceful and has much lesser commercial activity. Yari Road, Panchwati, Ganga Bhavan, Machlimaar (Aaram Nagar), Seven Bungalows are sub-parts of Versova.It is the area for many Bollywood actors like Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapur, Arshad Warsi and also many serial actors. It has many restaurants which attracts a lot of party goers. [1]

Versova beach

Fishing Boats in Versova

Versova (Marathi: वर्सोवा समुद्र किनारा) is a beach-village in Mumbai (Bombay) located in the suburb of Andheri. The beach faces the Arabian Sea. A large population of Mumbai's fishing community, the Kolis, resides and are the origins of the Mumbai residing at one end of Versova beach.

Vesawe is the original name of the village. The name comes from the term where Chatrapati Shivaji Raje would bring down his navy to have the rest after the war. The term Vesawe stands out to be "Rest" in Marathi language. Mumbai City has this same Koli village named Vesawe which is now termed as Versova, as now diverse communities resides in here.

Large scale occupation in this village is fishing, This village stands out to be culturally rich and lights up in joy in unique ways to celebrate each of its Festivals. Festivals in here are joy to watch. The important festival of this Koli community stands to be Coconut Day ... where Gold Coconut offerings are made to Sea God, Holi ...has its unique of celebrating it.

Unlike the Marine Drive, which is guarded by tetrapods, Versova beach uses massive rocks to buffer the buildings from the waves. During high tide, the entire beach goes under water. As a result, Versova beach doesn't have food stalls or food courts like Juhu beach. Nor does it have any lighting or illumination, Whereas huge flow of diversified people residing here have made some illegal hut sheds on outskirts of village, commonly the Kathwadi community which comes from Gujrat.

Over the past few years, there have been attempts by local citizens and the BMC to improve the condition of the beach. The Save Versova Beach Association was formed for the purpose. But the beach still lacks basic facilities such as those of lifeguards which are critical considering the treacherous waters here.

The beach, however is a favourite with couples who take shelter behind the rocks for a few moments of intimacy. Versova Beach also houses a few hundred illegal migrants (especially Kathwadi community) people living in huts. Every year, a few of these huts are washed away by the monsoon. Versova is the name of a fishing village in Mumbai. The name of the village in Marathi - the local language — is Vesave. BEST Bus number 251 and 249 can take you to Vesave from the Andheri Station (West). Versova Village have his Old Foundation named as "Vesawe Koli Samaj Trust" which organisation found in 1950. Sole motive of such organisation is to carry out religious and charitable works in village.

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