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A verst or werst (Russian versta, верста) is an obsolete Russian unit of length. It is defined as being 500 sazhen long, which makes a verst equal to 3500 feet (1.0668 kilometres).

In the English language, verst is singular with the normal plural versts. In Russian, the nominative singular is versta, but the form usually used with numbers is genitive plural verst — 10 verst, 25 verst, etc. — whence the English form.

A mezhevaya verst (border verst) is twice as long as a verst.

"The verst of the 17th century was 700 sazhens or 1.49km as against the 500 sazhens or 1.06km it became at the time of Peter the Great"[1]. The Russian Wiki mentions several other old values.


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