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Vice Cooler
Born July 15, 1984 (1984-07-15) (age 25)
Mobile, AL
Instruments Vocals, Guitar, drums, Synthesizer, Computer Audio Production
Years active 1998–present
Associated acts Hawnay Troof, XBXRX, Kit, DJ A.D.D., Modern Reveries, VC4, Double Rainbow, Gang Wizard, V VER K, Cave Wrong, Stereo Total

Vice Cooler (b. Christiana Vincent Richards-Touchstone July 15, 1984) is an American musician, photographer, author and visual artist. He is currently the singer and songwriter for Hawnay Troof and Xbxrx.

Since his beginnings in 1998, he has become a strong influence on underground art culture throughout the world, being recognized by people like High Places and Henry Rollins as an "inspiration". [1][2] Peaches has crowned him as the world's greatest performer [3] while Aaron Rose describes him as "one of the most talented entertainers alive." [4] Solange Knowles praised his fashion and music on her twitter.[5][6]


Early life

Cooler grew up in Mobile, Alabama with an extreme Christian upbringing before discovering punk music in middle school when he saw This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb and Deerhoof perform at local DIY (Do It Yourself) show. He became particularly influenced by the political edge and personal freedom associated with punk ethics, growing angry with the southern fundamentalist ideals that he grew up with.

In his late teens he relocated to Oakland, California where he became a part of the Oakland warehouse community Club Hot!, which housed many local artist including Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers, Lake Of Dracula), Jenny Hoyston (Erase Errata), and Steve Touchstone (Snowsuit*, Xbxrx). Club Hot! deceased in 2003 moving almost all of the residents, including Cooler, to the north Oakland Temescal neighborhood.

Band history

Even though Cooler played guitar in the early days of Xbxrx, he now spends most of his time as the lead singer. Since becoming established in February 1998 the band has released dozens of singles and two full lengths: 2000's Gop Ist Minee (5RC/ Tapes Records) and the highly anticipated 2005 follow up Sixth in Sixes (Polynvinyl Records).

In the late nineties, Hawnay Troof was started, an electronic based solo act, releasing "Who Likes Ta?" (Retard Disco, 2001), Get Up:Resolution: Love! (Retard Disco, 2003), Man On My Bak (Deleted Art, 2004), and 2005's critically acclaimed Community (Retard Disco). The band has since built up a long list of collaborators and guest including Drew Daniel (Matmos, Soft Pink Truth), Jenny Hoyston (Paradise Island, Erase Errata), Brendan Fowler (BARR), Mika Miko, 900 Dixxx, and Allison Wolfe (Bratmobile, Cold Cold Hearts, Partyline).

On the side he was a co-founder of Modern Reveries (2004) and Kit (2003) of which he spends his time as a drummer and songwriter.

Cooler has also worked on many smaller projects over the years, including Double Rainbow (with Chris Cohen (Deerhoof), Ed Rodrigez (Gorge Trio), and Steve Touchton (also of Xbxrx)), Hott Ass Sex Bomb (with Janelle Hessig and Brontez Pernell), Baby Truth Lied (also with Allison Wolfe), New Robot Theory and countless others.

In August 2008 Vice drummed in the Boredoms 88 Boadrum which took place at the La Brea Tarpits. At a live show a week later he was a guest percussionist for the LA noise band Sissey Spacek. In 2009 he became the live drummer for The Raincoats [7] and Chicks On Speed.

Writing and visual art

In the summer of 2005, Cooler released his first cookbook The Hungry Truth: Recipes from the Cooler (NFJMPress). The book quickly sold out in a few weeks and was critically acclaimed in such magazines as Arthur. The Hungry Truth... was an expanse on his high school zine, Day The, of which he has released six issues since its start in 1998. In Summer of 2006 the past two issues were put on display at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Concluding his twenty month world tour for the last Hawnay Troof album he self released The Dollar And Deed Photobook, which sold out online in one hour. The one sheet describes it as:

The Dollar And Deed Tour (2005-2006) dynamically captures Vice Cooler's (Hawnay Troof) turbulent 20 month world excursion; Taking him to perform in such unconventional and diverse places as Egypt and China to playing to a crowd of 550,000 proletarians at festivals across Europe. Armed with not much more than a camera and his backpack, he travelled solo across the planet successfully capturing the most fragile and awkward moments that come with being a modern touring artist.

Correspondingly the books themselves are just as intimately assembled, taking over 5 hours a piece to print, and then carefully bound afterwards by hand. Consorted with the book is a twenty minute disc of VC explaining each photo with compelling wit and a sometimes confusing banter.

He is also a contributing photographer and writer for such magazines as:

A set of his photos and collages have been shown in galleries across the world, including at Austin's 2005's Rawk Show.


Though he has been involved with film since the early days of XBXRX, in 2008 he started directing again. Working on the following videos:


In 1998, the record label NFJM was started with him and Steve Touchstone. He released records by Peaches, Deerhoof, Tracy and the Plastics, Erase Errata and his own band Xbxrx after Touchstone split in 2000 to start his own label No Format.

His most current release is a split between Kit and Mirror/ Dash.


Vice Cooler guest and songwriting appearances

Albums with XBXRX

Albums with Hawnay Troof

Singles and EPs with XBXRX

  • "Ep Cdr" (NFJM, 1998)
  • "Song Known As" (NFJM, 1998)
  • "We Are All Dying" (1998)
  • "Science In The Shape Of Birds (split with Quintron, Bobby Conn, Zeek Sheck)" (TOYO, 2000)
  • "Hold Onto Your Skulls" (ARKAM, 2001)
  • "Mardi Gras" (GSL, 2001)
  • "Split with Sick Lipstick" (Deleted Art, 2002)
  • "Clear EP" (NOVA/ TAPES, 2002)
  • "10 Bands (split with Erase Errata, Tracy And The Plastics and Peaches)" (NFJM, 2002)
  • "We Hate The President" (NARNACK, 2003)
  • "Last" (NFJM, 2004)
  • "Split with Total Shutdown (double 5 inch)" (ROCK IS HELL, 2005)
  • "Split with An Albatross" (GSL, 2005)

Singles and EPs with Hawnay Troof

  • "Demo EP" (Self Released, 2001)
  • "Who Likes Ta?" (Retard Disco, 2003)
  • "RMX: 2003" (NFJM, 2003)
  • "White Men In Suits" (Deleted Art, 2004)
  • "Community" (Retard Disco, 2005)
  • "Hollar And See: The Mixtape" (NFJM, 2006)

Singles and EPs with Kit

  • "Split with Wives" (PPM/ Zum, 2003)
  • "Split with Deerhoof" (Narnack, 2004)
  • "Split with Bodahab" (Bodahab is Rose for Bohdan and Captain Ahab) (Hug Life, 2006)
  • "Forest" (Self Released, 2006)
  • "Broken Voyage" (Upset The Rhythm, 2007)
  • "Split with Mirror/ Dash"

Singles and EPs with Modern Reveries

  • "Demo" (NFJM, 2005)
  • "Empty Museums" (Local Kid, 2008)

Videos with XBXRX

  • "NFJM 1V" (NFJM, 1998)
  • "NFJM 2V" (NFJM, 1999)
  • "NFJM 3V" (NFJM, 2000)
  • "NFJM 4V" (NFJM, 2000)
  • "NFJM 5V (split with Deerhoof)" (NFJM, 2001)
  • "NFJM 6V" (NFJM, 2004)


  • "P.O.W! records presents... Knockout!!!" (POW!, 2000)
  • "Troubleman Unlimited Mixtape" (TMU, 2002)
  • "This Was Supposed to be a Celebration" (mauled by tigers, 2007)


  • "Kim Gordon Chronicles Vol 1" (Nieves, 2005)
  • "Hungry Truth: Recipes From The Cooler" (NFJM, 2005)
  • "Penne Ante Book 1" (Penne Ante, 2006)
  • "The Dollar And Deed Photobook" (Self Released, 2008)
  • "NFJM 026" (NFJM, 2008)


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