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Victor Vancier
Born 25 December 1956 (1956-12-25) (age 53)

Victor Vancier (born December 25, 1956), commonly referred to by his Hebrew name, Chaim Ben Pesach (Hebrew: חיים בן פסח‎) is an Orthodox Jew, creator and director of the United States-based Kahanist organization, Jewish Task Force (JTF) and the former National Chairman of the Jewish Defence League (JDL) in the United States.[1] In 1987, he was convicted of a series of "terrorist bombings" during his time with the JDL.[2] He served over five years in federal prison for his involvement in 18 bombings in New York and Washington.[3] On a 1994 JTF radio program, in what many saw as a 9/11 prediction, Vancier stated that Islamic terrorists who were responsible for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing would eventually come back several years later and place a bomb large enough to take down the twin towers in order to "finish the job".[4]


Activities and imprisonment

Vancier served as JDL chairman in 1978, but stepped down in December of that year after he went to jail for bombing Egyptian targets in an effort to stop the Israeli retreat from the Sinai Peninsula. After his release and upon the completion of his probation in July 1983, he rejoined JDL.[5] During the 1980s, Vancier was arrested again, along with two other JDL members in connection with six incidents; a 1984 firebombing of an automobile at a Soviet diplomatic residence, the 1985 and 1986 fire and pipe bombings of an FBI informer's car, the 1986 firebombing at a hall where the Soviet State Symphony Orchestra was performing, and two 1986 detonations of tear gas grenades to protest performances by Soviet dance companies.[6][7] On November 26, 1986 he was arrested outside the Penta Hotel with a tear gas grenade after a fire broke out in the tunnels under the hotel where the Soviet Moiseyev Dance Company, was staying. He was charged with a federal weapons violation and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.[1] Vancier did this in the hopes of influencing the Soviet Union to allow Jewish emigration. According to Vancier, while he was in jail, he became very thin because they wouldn't give him any kosher food until Republican Senator Jesse Helms intervened on his behalf.

Jewish Task Force

Vancier is currently the head of the Jewish Task Force, a Kahanist organization in the United States which he created in 1991. Vancier has stated that his activities give him a long and difficult schedule which most people could not handle. The Jewish Task Force raises money for the claimed purpose of funding extreme right-wing Jewish groups in Israel,[8] puts on television programs through local-access cable and runs a website with the stated goal of saving Israel, America, and the West.[8] Vancier is banned from entering Israel because of his support of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane's Kach Party, which has been outlawed in Israel. Vancier has described Baruch Goldstein as "a great hero".[9]

In 1996, he tried to emigrate to Israel, but was immediately detained at Ben-Gurion International Airport upon his arrival[citation needed], and was placed in administrative detention in a cell in the airport. He was not allowed to speak to an attorney nor an American Embassy official despite the fact that he is an American citizen. He was subsequently deported to the U.S. where he now lives in the New York metropolitan area. Vancier has stated his desire to serve as Prime Minister of Israel and has described the policies he envisions implementing as a leader of a Kahanist government. Vancier believes that such policies would lay the groundwork for the coming of the Messiah.


9/11 prediction

On a 1994 JTF radio program, Vancier criticised the FBI for not translating Arabic documents found in El Sayyid Nosair's possession after he assassinated Rabbi Meir Kahane in 1990. The documents allegedly revealed plans for blowing up targets in New York City. According to Vancier, had the FBI translated the documents, the 1993 World Trade Center bombing could have been prevented. He went on to issue a warning stating that:

We know what these people are planning to do. They are disappointed with the bombing of the World Trade Center. They were disappointed because they didn't want to kill just six people and injure a thousand people, that wasn't good enough for them. [They] wanted the collapse of the entire World Trade Center, they wanted both of the twin towers to collapse, the plan was to blow up the twin towers. They're not happy with just having killed six people. Don't you think they're going to return to the World Trade Center and bomb it again once our defences goes down?! Don't you think once again they're going to place a bomb there? Don't you think that the Arabs and Muslims who receive all types of weaponry and all types of training and all types of assistance from Russia, from China, from all these hideous countries while the Clinton administration continues to turn a blind eye to Russian and Chinese communist assistance of the Muslim terrorists..don't you think these monsters have the ability to blow up a bomb that will blow up the World Trade centers and bring down the twin towers, don't you think they're going to develop that?..don't you think they learned from their mistake when they tried to bring it down the first time..don't you think that this time they're going to bring down the twin towers and kill many thousands of innocent people? [10]

Although Vancier did predict that the Muslim terrorists who bombed the Twin Towers in 1993 would return to finish the job, some of his predictions in the broadcast were not accurate. He guessed that the Muslim terrorists would return in the late 1990s, when in fact, they actually returned in 2001. He predicted that "tens of thousands" would be murdered in the next attack, when in fact, 3,000 were murdered and finally, he believed that the Muslim terrorists would use a huge bomb to collapse the Twin Towers, when in fact, they used hijacked passenger planes.


Jewish Task Force aired on public access television in the mid-1990s, in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.[9] Vancier, who had by that time been convicted on three separate occasions for his involvement in "terrorist bombings", became notorious for his race-baiting and homophobic views and was heavily criticized in local magazines and newspapers for his foul language and controversial opinions.[9] In the context of state comptroller elections, in one instance, after lauding one candidate, Herbert London, as "a real Jewish man", he derided London's opponent, an African American, as "a low, Jew-hating, Jew-killing cockroach".[9] He further described attorney general candidate Karen Burstein as a "disgusting, ugly lesbian".[9] He continued,

The God of Israel will not tolerate homosexuality or lesbianism. It is an abomination onto the Lord... I have a cure for AIDS that doesn't cost one penny. Stop being fags![9]

Vancier has referred to Nelson Mandela as a "Black Nazi", Yasser Arafat as the "Arab Hitler" and a "Muslim terrorist pedophile who died of AIDS".[11] He has also targeted former first lady and senator Hillary Clinton and former U.S. President George W. Bush on his website, calling Clinton "Hillary Sodom Arafat" and Bush "Jorge Wahabi Bush" who he calls a "low, disgusting traitor" and "excrement".[12] He also uses language such as "schvartze" when referring to African-Americans and "kike" for Jews he considers to be traitors.[13] JTF's messages have been condemned for alleged racism by the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center.[14][15]

Family and Personal Life

Victor Vancier is the son of an Ashkenazic Jewish father, Pesach Ben Dov, and an Egyptian Sephardic Jewish mother, Malkah Bat Meir. On November 22, 2009, in an Ask JTF podcast, Vancier claimed repeatedly that he had had a "very pleasant" childhood. The previous week, he stated that his biggest problem was "girls" and that he was "no angel." Vancier has never been married, and has had no children.

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