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There is more than one place called Victoria:





Trinidad and Tobago

  • Victoria (Trinidad) - on the island of Trinidad

United States of America

  • Victoria (Texas) - A town in Texas.
  • Victoria (Kansas) - A town in Kansas.
  • Victoria (Minnesota) - A town in Minnesota.
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Latin victoria "victory"; also a feminine form of Victor


Proper noun

  1. A female given name
  2. A monarch named Queen Victoria, especially Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (reigned 1837-1901).
  3. One of the six states of Australia, situated in the south-eastern part of the continent, with its capital at Melbourne.
  4. The capital of Seychelles.
  5. Provincial capital of British Columbia (Canada).
  6. Main town of the federal territory of Labuan (Malaysia).
  7. Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa.

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  • 1985 Dan Simmons: Song of Kali: ISBN 031286583X pages 4, 17:
    When I had first told him the name we'd chosen for our daughter, Abe had suggested that it was a pretty damn waspy title for the offspring of an Indian princess and a Chicago pollock.- - -
    I never would have chosen the name "Victoria" but was secretly delighted by it. Amrita first suggested it one hot day in July and we treated it as a joke. It seemed that one of her earliest memories was of arriving by train at Victoria Station in Bombay. That huge edifice - one of the remnants of the British Raj, which evidently still defines India - had always filled Amrita with a sense of awe. Since that time, the name Victoria had evoked an echo of beauty, elegance and mystery in her.


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Proper noun

  1. A female given name, cognate to English Victoria; less often spelled Viktoria.
  2. Victoria, the queen.


Proper noun

  1. A female given name, cognate to Victoria.
  2. Victoria ( the queen, the lake )

Related terms

  • (female given names): Victoire, Victorine


Proper noun

  1. A female given name, a spelling variant of Viktoria.
  2. Victoria, the queen


Proper noun

  1. A female given name, a popular spelling variant of Viktoria.
  2. Victoria, the queen.



From the Latin name Victoria; also shortened from María (de la) Victoria, a Roman Catholic epithet of the Virgin Mary as "Our Lady of Victory".

Proper noun

Victoria f.
  1. A female given name.


Proper noun

  1. A female given name, a spelling variant of Viktoria.


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Victoria may mean:


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Wikipedia has a page called:
Victoria (abbrev "VIC" for purposes of Australia Post and ISO 3166-2:AU and some publications' worldwide extensions of the Chapman codes) is the southernmost mainland state of Australia. It adjoins South Australia to the west and New South Wales to the north-east. Across Bass Strait to the south lies the island state, Tasmania.
When it joined the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901 its capital, Melbourne, was the financial capital of Australasia. Some New Zealanders still go there occasionally for shopping.
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The word Victoria is a woman's name. In Wikipedia, it can mean:

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