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Vidoje Blagojević (born c.1950 in Bratunac, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a former commander of the Bratunac Brigade of the Republika Srpska Army who is serving a 15 year sentence for his involvement in the Srebrenica massacre. In January 2005 the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia found him guilty of engaging in genocide and other war crimes and sentenced him to 18 years in prison. On May 9 the ICTY's appeals court reversed the genocide conviction and reduced his sentence to 15 years.[1] He is a Bosnian Serb.

During the course of the Bosnian War, Blagojević rose through the ranks of the Army of Republika Srpska. As a member of the Bratunac Brigade, he participated in the securing and eventual capture of the Srebrenica safe area.

He was captured on August 10, 2001 and soon interred at the Tribunal at The Hague. Blagojević was tried along with Dragan Jokić. Both pleaded not guilty. Blagojević was eventually found guilty of five of his six charges, while he was acquitted of the charge of extermination as a crime against humanity.

On 25 January 2008, Blagojević was transferred to Norway to serve his prison sentence.


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